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  1. I totally understand as well. I'm sooo eager to go to the gym yet I can't bring myself to walk in!! I've stayed in my car trying to get the guts to go in and just can't. I end up heading back home crying and frustrated but I have true faith that this will pass!!! You are still you!!! When this treatment is over, you are going to be so much stronger than other individuals whose personal character and strength have never been put to the test! Value yourself and love yourself because of who you ar
  2. Eternal Optimist

    Day 9!! New Feeling!!! wuwuwuwu!

    Yesterday was a pretty emotionally intense day , but fortunately the sun has come up today (literally after daaaaaaays of clouds and rainy weather). I woke up this morning to find that some of my pimples are reduced and even drying a little! Very hopeful that by the end of the week the biggest ones now will reduce a little more. It's day nine so I'm not expecting anything major. After reading numerous blogs, I realized that it is sooo insane to keep thinking about the drawback of hav
  3. Oh my gosh I totally know what you're talking about. One man actually asked my "why do you have so much acne? I mean your pretty, but it's really noticeable!" I felt like sinking to the ground but played it off like and acting like if it was a cold that would eventually go away. :S Can't wait til my face clears up!!!!!!
  4. Eternal Optimist

    First Week on Claravis

    I started my first week of treatment on Claravis. I'm currently on 60mg. I was extremely nervous to begin and had to deal with the anxiety of starting for an entire month while the whole ipledge system was in place. Well, I hadn't felt any side effects until yesterday, which is why I decided to begin blogging this experience. I hope I can get readers and get feedback because boy do I feel I'm in for a ride. I have the obvious dry lips, but this morning I began feeling extremely agitated and had