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  1. A green concealer will neutralize redness.
  2. I have the exact same problem. I just washed my face with water for a while. I still felt dry and flaky after but it wasn't as bad as using a cleanser. I broke out less and was less red. I've been trying Emu Oil for the past few weeks with an oatmeal cleanser I got from the health food store. I'm trying to avoid all products that are petroleum based. I slather the emu oil on my face before bed and my complexion is nice in the morning. But when when I wash it gets irritated again. I tried
  3. I'll defiantly try the soda. I however have found that SPF products feel like they are burning my face. I'm going to my doctors Friday to get on birth control in hopes that it will help. I'm also going to ask for doxycycline since my insurance denied me Metrogel...
  4. It seems like the older I get the worse my acne gets... Which is not what I was hoping for. I'm excessively oily, yet my face still manages to be dry and flaky. Washing my face really irritates my skin... it aggravates my acne and makes my face very red and splotchy. If I don't immediately put lotion on my face becomes dry and flaky and feels like it will crack if I were to smile. 30 minutes later I can see oil running out of my pores. My face feels like slick bumpy sand paper all the time.
  5. I have ocular rosacea and I'm supposed to was my eye lids multiple times during the day with diluted baby shampoo... It helps a little with the constant burning. However, every time I wash my face I turn extremely bright red. My skin also immediately feels very taught and dry and flakes. Putting any Lotion on to relieve the dryness triggers my eyes to burn again. (Also when I talk, eat and smile the skin around my mouth be comes bright red.) The only products I use are cetaphil lotions and