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  1. hi, im more than 1month into the dk regimen and I am generally clear so I want to start hiding hyper pigmentations as my next step. I tried what Dan recommended, the Almay smart shade concealer but it doesn't really hide my spots. I am extremely jealous of the girls that hides their marks pretty good. I hope you guys can recommend a concealer that can hide acne marks and blends with the skin. I know everybody have different skin tones and what works for others might not work for me. But anyway,
  2. loves*jher

    March 12,2010

    thanks,.thats one of the reason why I posted my pics for the world to see. It's to let others know that they are not alone. thaaanksss
  3. Last year, i didn't have a skin as horrible as it was beginning of this year. I would like to get it back with the help of The Regimen. I hope this journey takes me to better skin!
  4. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    This is my 4th week. I am using olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin and olay complete moisturizer. My cheeks stay clear but I got new breakouts at my forehead. I guess this is because I put less BP on my forehead, so I will try to make it more. I hope the pimple in my left subside already. And also, I'm planning to use almay smart shade and start putting make-up again..Wish me LucK!
  5. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    Okay, I don't know which week it is. I guess 3rd or 4th? I've switched to olay moisturizer since I was tired of having ooooiilly face because of ponds. I read about their new formula causing breakouts, but I wanted to give it a try. So far, I like it because of the smooth texture it gives me. For the first time I was not too ashamed to go to school with medication on my face. This is a big thing because I also stopped wearing make-up. I'm just glad that my bf is not here.,(x_x) I guess this
  6. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    week 2? i guess. I think I tried using Burt's Bees cleanser this week. Just to use something that works on my acne rather than random soap bars. I used a cleanser with salicylic acid which didn't seem to work on me. Looking back now, I'm glad that I kept pictures of me. I can clearly see that the cleanser caused me breakouts. I decided to go on neutrogena clear bar, since I've used that before and it got me to stay away form acne (I occasionally had pimples before).
  7. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    1week after starting the regimen. I think I switched my moisturizer to ponds because thats what we have at the house and I run out of clinique. I also did that in hopes of finding a better moisturizer. It burned less than before. Last week I thought I was just waiting for the old ones to be gone but...TADA! hehe, I got a pimple on the front of my face..wahaha, this looks cute
  8. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    taken 3-4days after starting the regimen. I was using Neutrogena on the spot, some random soap bar found on our bathroom and clinique moisturizer. I was extremely flaking and I have to fan my face because it burns so much!
  9. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    I'd never liked closed up shots because I don't like my face. This is one of the rare ones I have, and its not a good picture of me. I didn't have any problems with my skin at this moment..I don't know what gone wrong. I didn't have to put anything in my face last year, nothing not even moisturizer.
  10. From the album: my journey back to clear skin

    This is the day when i realized that I have to do something for my acne. I was so fed u with the proactive commercials that I just wanted to do SOMETHING. If look at my face from the front you might think that I'm clear. Thats why I was not that depressed yet, but don't be fooled because theres a lot on the side. I'm on a long distance relationship and I just want to be back to my normal skin before I meet my bf...
  11. thats good to know! I like my skin texture right now, but I will have to look out for clogged pores..thanks a lot!
  12. Hi! I'm 23, I had smooth skin last year with occasional pimples but not noticeable. But this year, I started using scrubs to make my skin lighter and i guess it aggravated my skin because I had breakouts after another. The pimples broke-out close to each other and was very visible and distracting. I started the regimen 1month ago. Both sides of my cheeks now are full with marks of pimples (20+ spots of hyper pigmentation) and I have only 1 active cystic acne. But I'm worried because I switched