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  1. hi, im more than 1month into the dk regimen and I am generally clear so I want to start hiding hyper pigmentations as my next step. I tried what Dan recommended, the Almay smart shade concealer but it doesn't really hide my spots. I am extremely jealous of the girls that hides their marks pretty good. I hope you guys can recommend a concealer that can hide acne marks and blends with the skin. I know everybody have different skin tones and what works for others might not work for me. But anyway,
  2. Last year, i didn't have a skin as horrible as it was beginning of this year. I would like to get it back with the help of The Regimen. I hope this journey takes me to better skin!
  3. thats good to know! I like my skin texture right now, but I will have to look out for clogged pores..thanks a lot!
  4. Hi! I'm 23, I had smooth skin last year with occasional pimples but not noticeable. But this year, I started using scrubs to make my skin lighter and i guess it aggravated my skin because I had breakouts after another. The pimples broke-out close to each other and was very visible and distracting. I started the regimen 1month ago. Both sides of my cheeks now are full with marks of pimples (20+ spots of hyper pigmentation) and I have only 1 active cystic acne. But I'm worried because I switched