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  1. Yep, but most of them use make up while i just don't give a fuck anymore.
  2. Of course we prefer to be alone I got into an online game and it's great there when people can't see you but only can see what you type on the chatbox. There are some cool people to hang with online. Maybe they are just like me (us ) too. Someone asked for my facebook and i say i don't have it just to hide the fact i don't want they treat me differently after seeing me feelsbadman.jpg
  3. Sup /b/ro I'm 6 / 6 on your checklist up there. I even got into a computer related course because the computer is the only place i feel comfortable and happy. Like most of us i tried countless creams/topical/facewash on tv/murad and prescribed doxy. I explained to my derm my unhappiness with this and he got me into accutane. I studied the danger of it and went for it. Now 8 months later, i am clear. Hoping to stay clear. Read about tane and get it if you can. I suffered since i was 13 and ac
  4. 2 months for me. Have a little patience, it will work
  5. From KL too Some days there are a few but that's mainly from junk food from this holiday period. Unfortunately some scars keep reminding me of it everyday. Let us all hope we stay clear
  6. Same, i'm thinking it's the weather but my brain is constantly telling me it may turn out worse
  7. Wow, i was scared reading your post. It all comes to your body. I have cystic severe acne and i was only on 10mg per day and it worked wonders for 8 months (praying it wont come back ) Maybe you should take a smaller dosage but longer period. Take care of your health man
  8. From reading a lot of positive reviews it all comes too your cumulative dosage. I remembered being just like you, skipping almost a week (not cool) because i left it at hostel It didn't affect me that much as i was on my 3rd month and the breaking out have already stopped. So just continue your usual taking of it without doubling or tripling the dosage. Take the missed dosage after you ran out to get to your cumulative dosage. Accutane will work. I take Fish Oil supplements daily for the skin
  9. Glad to see another Malaysian here too. I started on 8 months ago after being way too long with severe acne. The doc also gave me 20mg accutane (20mg every 2 day) & i'm 60kg I start seeing improvement on the first month and it's been great. Took my last dosage last week and praying it won't come back to haunt me. Dry lips sucks though in this hot weather
  10. I can't express happiness. Acne made my face permanently look like im srs bsns all the time. I can't socialize like others cause this pain i've been through have scarred me too much inside. Everytime guys make toilet/sex jokes and start high fiveing each other i can only fake a smile which look totally shitty. Although i stopped having active acne since using accutane 4 months ago i can't go back to the happy go lucky version of me that appreciates life, loves to socialize and have a good time
  11. Yeah, i don't really notice it but family members keep mentioning it to me. Use sun block
  12. I'm just a month in college and accutane had stopped my cystic breakouts just in time for my intake date. Unfortunately the damage had been done. Red scars and pits everywhere. Pretty girls wants nothing to do with me. So does clear skinned guys. Acne destroyed my self confidence, my ability to show a happy face. Never again can i smile like i used to. It scarred me way too deep. Sadness and anger is the only expression i can show. sigh