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  1. Dear Log, Acne as a teen was a battle long fought and lost. I've always wanted to get rid of my acne, but only felt extremely compelled when things went out of hand. Occasional forehead acne was the only problem I've encountered when I attended high school. It was after I went on to college and in those first years did acne on the sides of my face emerge. I am now a 3rd year on my spring quarter. I believe the spontaneous emergence of the side acne had something to do with my ridiculous lack of
  2. ctran019

    Charlie isn't Brown

    My journey and fight with acne. I'm Charles Tran, 20 years old and attending a university. Everyone in the school and a majority of my friends are no longer having ance problems, but yet mine still persist. This is my final alternative before expensive surgery.
  3. From the album: Charlie isn't Brown

    Right side, worst acne location.