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  1. Don't worry dude.. I had this problem too during accutane Put some moisturizer on the head on your penis and the problem will go away. If you don't you might actually rip some skin off one day which I did and it took forever to heal It's no fun to walk around with a wound on your penis.
  2. Hi First post on this forum, I have been reading posts sporadically for a couple of years and I just wanted to drop my accutane experience for you guys to read. I've been suffering from severe acne since I was 17. Since first year of high school I started getting facial acne which by the time I was 20 had developed into severe body and facial acne. I had hundreds of pimples and painful cysts all over my body. my arms, legs, back, face, neck, ass you name it they were there. One day I had eno