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  1. Hi Samantha Thanks for replying to me. My daughter, Brooke, also complains that the pain is bad when she lays down in bed. As for your comment about picking the pimples, Yes! I know that she does do this. Tonight she also told me that she gets pins and needles in her left hand during the night - have you experienced this at all? Brooke was on roaccutaine for about 18 months from when she was 13. She never experienced any of these symptoms before - just dry lips and eyes. Unfortunately he
  2. My daughter has been on roaccutaine for just over 1 month - she is 18. For the last week she has had bad lower back pain. She has started jogging on the treadmill and put it down to that but after doing some research on the net tonight I have realised that this can be a side effect of this drug. Has anyone experienced this? Also whereas she had acne before now she has some very big sores on her face that just dont seem to want to heal.