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  1. i'm actually on my 12th week too and still getting small break outs but nothing near as bad as what i used to have.
  2. i think i'm on my 12th or 11th week on the regimen. I used to have SEVER acne (used to have an average of around 30 active pimples every day) and i'm still not 100% clear. I am, however, down to like 4 active pimples right now and my red marks are starting to fade away thanks to AHA+ I just bought another 16oz of BP and have no doubts when i get pass 3 months ill be almost at 100% if not there. Dont give up, itll be worth it at the end.
  3. i've been on the regimen for a little over 2 months and it's working really good. I do, however, have A LOT of red marks which causes my skin to look almost as bad as it used to. Anyways, i started using AHA about 10 days a go using it once every 3 days or so and i did not experience any burning or reaction (IB did occur tho) So i was wondering if using it every other night would be a bad idea? It seems like my skin can tolerate it but i figure i'd ask here first