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  1. After four laser acne treatments, I am actually a bit disappointed by the results. At this time, I can neither approve or disapprove of vbeam plus smoothbeam. My face is on the brink of a full-scale breakout. If my face does not get any worse, then I would definitely recommend the treatment. However, if it gets worse, then obviously, I'm not going to recommend. At this exact moment of writing, my face is a little bit worse than it would be if I was on antibiotics. I have been off of
  2. Where to start? My last laser acne treatment was on the 12th of June. I have been off of minocycline since the 5th only because I ran out. I have been using sodium sulfacetamide daily. I only had 3 bad pimples in the past month, and I used some retina on them. I also use vitamin e all over my face, and it definitely seems to help. I am very pleased with the results. I have one more treatment left. I do not know if it is the sodium sulfacetamide or the laser acne treatment
  3. lol you are funny

  4. Several of my dermatologists said 21-23, but usually towards the latter. This is because at those later ages, most people tend to start producing less oil.
  5. Did the sun screen help with red marks, help with acne, or just help your skin look better? One ingredient in sunscreen that would help with all those would be vitamin e. And here are my results: Coppertone spf 4 helps make my skin look and feel "great." It doesn't seem to help my acne. I've used it at night for 3 days to experiment. I didn't notice any reduction in acne / red marks. Of course, three days isn't enough to tell. When I use it during the day, I do notice a reduction in my acn
  6. Omg, I love all the people on here. It's like everything I've ever thought about I can find on here! I am so vexed with doctors these days, especially dermatologists. It's funny. The people with insurance get the most expensive tests, and the people without insurance don't get these tests for the same exact problems / symptoms. It makes you wonder, are the doctors just giving you the expensive tests because they know your insurance will pay for it....or are the people without insurance ju
  7. Omg! LMAO! That's so funny because I used to think the same way!!!! Wow lol. But what you have to try and convince yourself to say is, "haha sucks to be that person looking at me!" That's so true! These were two really refreshing posts.
  8. Ah, sorry. Didn't know all the family history. After I reread his message with this information in mind, I can see quite a bit of negativity. But try reading from my shoes (not knowing the relationship between you and your brother), it really doesn't look that bad. I hope in the future you would be willing to talk to your brother again. Now isn't the time to worry about mending your relationship with him. After re-reading his message, I can tell he's definitely set in his opinions abou
  9. Yeah lol just what I thought he meant. I can never tell with people like your brother when they say you have it "easy." See, either they are jealous they don't have it easy or they are disappointed that people like me and you haven't done anything with our lives yet. But hey, I'm gonna say it's jealousy (for my own peace of mind). =] (Of course, it's really not because it's gonna be a rude awakening when our parents aren't paying for us anymore...I fear the day.) Aw, Jay, that makes
  10. Oh, man, tonsillitis is the reason they take your tonsils out. It's soooo painful!
  11. Hey, sorry to hear about this morning. It's been a few hours since you posted. How are you doing? If the swelling doesn't go down, you should definitely seek medical attention. If you have good health insurance, then no reason to risk it. If you don't have good health insurance, you should consult with your mom about what to do (ie. wait until tomorrow or the next day.) For me, a ER visit is $25...but it's insane without any type of insurance. You might be better off scheduling an app
  12. Of course thank you for noticing!! :) I love this site. Meeting nice people like you.

  13. Lol. That's funny. I bet it really sucked. You know, one solution would be to shave!
  14. Yeah, you definitely are helping many people! Thanks again for being so kind!

  15. So in your other post, you mentioned that you saw a dermatologist. When you saw the dermatologist, did you tell him/her about using Max Clarity? Even though a dermatologist will try to convince you to do a prescription medicine, they are still very knowledgeable about various OTC medicines. If you definitely want to try a product, a dermatologist isn't going to stop you (unless there's a critical reason). Dermatologists know darn well that there is no single cure for acne. They only want t