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  1. Well, like everyone else, I am almost 31 and still breaking out like mad! Face, chest, back. I am currently on Doryx 150 mg and washing with left over Proactiv....just waiting for it to run out to get Acne.org products again. However, I have had acne since I was 12 years old.....ouch! I have tried sooooooo many things. Over the counter, RX, oral, topical, you name it I have done it. I am thinking about going on Accutane after this coming summer. My baby bother....well not so baby, 16 just
  2. I posted this same question accidentally in another forum...well, does anyone know how long Accutane will stay in the body after the course has been completed. I am thinking about giving it a shot, I have had acne for over 15 years and tried everything.....everything in the book! However, I am wanting to have more kids and I am concerned with any lingering medication inside my body (liver, kidneys) for future pregnancy. I do not that you are NOT to get pregnant while on Accutane, that I am no
  3. So does anyone know if acne would be considered hormonal if it started at age 12 or so? I read somewhere that if your acne is hormonal it will come back regardless of whatever treatment is done. I have battled acne for years from mild to cysts, to body acne. I am sick of trying everything, some things work and some things don't. I have been on tons of antibiotics and every topical imaginable. I am thinking of giving Accutane a shot, but I am concerned how long the drug stay in the body (l
  4. I think that the best powder and foundation is by Bobbi Brown! They have amazing products and I have been using them religiously for almost 10 years. They have oil free powder (sheer finish powder...loose or pressed powder) and they just came out with an awesome, awesome, awesome oil-free foundation a little over a year ago.....amazing stuff. I have very oily skin and I use foundation from time to time and this stuff feels great and looks amazing. I really think that you will get the look t
  5. I am right with you there on the sensitive skin. Well, other than going to every other day with the bp, I would seriously give the Neutragena lotion a shot. It is made just for sensitive skin. There are not added ingredients that will irritate it. Maybe just cut back on the amount, little by little on the products (like try it for a week at a time at the same amount...does that make sense?) it is going to take a tad bit of time to see any results. Sometimes, I even open the freezer and sta
  6. what are you doing as far as the regime for Acne.org? Water is good, it will help, but only soo much. Being out in the sun will only temporarily help. Drys it out in the beginning then the pores become clogged and acne occurs again. Myth as far as food goes, sweets do not cause acne!!!! I should know, I am a diabetic, type 1. Yes, proper diet does help, fruits, veggies, proper fats, no greasy crap and fast food, etc...., but again, proper diet only helps minimally.
  7. How much of the Bp are you applying? That could have a lot to do with it. Or maybe you need to just put on the bp just every other day.. honestly 19 weeks is a long time. I get red really easily after washing and applying products, but the moisturizer that I use that works great and does not irritate or burn or cause breakouts is Neuotrogena Oil free Sensitive Skin facial lotion. It is the only thing that works for me
  8. Okay, I think that if the "old" proactiv worked for you, go back to it. My motto is, if it is not broken, do not fix it! However, I have suffered from acne for years and been to many dermatologist and breaking it down to the success.....keep on a regime....it takes skin time to see what works, sometimes 4-6 weeks. I know this sucks, but it is true. The basic is the best. Over priced products does not mean it will work better. Find a product that is oil free, fragrance free and alcohol free
  9. Kyza, I know that it is easier said than done, but, you need to try to build your confidence up!!!! I have had horrible skin for years, and I mean years, since I was 12 and I am now 30! Granted, I do have an outgoing personality, but I am sure that you have soo many other things going for you and that you can offer someone, so do not concentrate on your skin. Stressing out about your skin is only going to make your skin worse. I personally know that is a fact. Try to focus on the good thing