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  1. Brett - I've been on the regimen for over a year now and the key is listening to your own skin and figuring out what works for you. No one is going to be able to give you a personalized "guideline" for how to treat your skin. If you have a burnt areas (which I did in my first few weeks too) try using less BP until your skin adjusts, maybe skip a day on the regimen until the burnt spots go away (that's what I had to do). The regimen takes time and you have to be patient to get clear
  2. An economy size product like this would be in extremely high demand. I go through about 1 smaller tube of BP per week, and would certainly switch to an economy size if offered (as I'm sure most of us on this board would!).
  3. One's native language or the languages one speaks, regardless of how widely or scaresly used those languages are, is certainly not an indicator of "importance" or intelligence.
  4. Again, it was probably GHB. A small capfull of that will seriously impair you for a few hours.
  5. Just for your info... there is no such thing as "liquid e," "e" being ecstacy, or MDMA. You can buy MDMA (illegally) in powder or pill form, but not liquid. People mistakenly refer to GHB (also illegal) as "liquid e," but its not a correct labelling of this entirely different drug. So, this mythological "liquid e" that's come up a few times is either... 1.) GHB 2.)some sort of legal liquid/herbal concoction ...or... 3.) you're getting ripped off into thinking there is such a thing as
  6. I think the real issue is not whether pot is harmful or not -- now obviously, smoking anything causing some harm to your lungs, and kills brain cells. But honestly, a lot of things kill brain cells. If I hit myself in the head ... uh oh... just killed 100 brain cells! Really, I think the issue at hand is not the minor harms of responsible marijuana use but whether or not our government is going to acknowlege the fact that as adults, we should be considered capable of making choices concerni
  7. I strongly support Canada's decision to move forward with the processes of decriminalizing marijuana (its important to note that decriminalization is NOT the same as legalization). Canada is not attempting to legalize marijuana right now. Personally, I rarely smoke marijuana simply because I don't enjoy it. However this does not mean that I shouldn't have the freedom to dictate the consistency of my own life, health and experience. As individuals capable of making intelligent and informed c
  8. wow. so would that mean that pot is decriminalized in denmark? Is this place in danger of being closed down as you mentioned, Zizkee? I never knew about Christiania -- but I guess you learn something new everyday! Thanks again for all the great info!
  9. Thank you Psychocandy! I'll be stopping by Copenhagen on my way to Finland for a trip. I'm very excited- I have this notion (probably from what I've read in Kierkegaard) that life in Denmark is just absolutely fabulous with coffee shops, pedestrian streets, pastries, people watching, and a fairly liberal government. I'm unsure if any of these things are true, but I'm certainly excited to find out. Thanks again for the help! Zizkee: what is Christiana?
  10. Hi all, this is very unrelated to acne but I need the advice of those residing in Denmark. I'm going to be spending a short time in Copenhagen (1 or 2 days) on a layover while flying to another destination. I'm looking for reasonably-priced hotel recommendations (the closer to the airport/main attractions the better!) In addition, I'm looking for cheap/free things to do in the city which wouldn't involve travelling to far from the airport. Most importantly, I'm a huge Kierkegaard fan. An
  11. Dan- I use Cetaphil lotion.
  12. with close inspection under flourescent lights, I would say that I have minor discoloration. my face looks a bit orangy, as if i had used sunless tanner. I've been on the regimen for just over 2 months, I use all the products suggested by Dan (2.5%, ect.) and I moisturize daily, and twice daily a few times a week. This is only noticable when I really look for it under flourescent lights, but I'm hoping it will only improve and not get worse...
  13. Does anyone use antibacterial soap to clean their face? It seems logical, although I worry it would be too harsh and drying. Any suggestions, for brands? Or should I bag this idea...
  14. anyone know why the discoloration occurrs? From overdrying maybe?
  15. So.. people who have been using the regimen for awhile now... have you seen this effect (a dead looking of the skin)? I haven't had this happen yet, but it's only been 2 months for me, and I'm hoping this isn't what's to come.