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  1. Beansykins

    Do you feel like the only adult with acne?

    100% I do! I have been breaking out since I was 13. I feel like now that I'm turning 25 it is worse than ever. Also it kills me when a friend or family member cries over one pimple. It's actually one particular friend, who also goes through clothing stores and picks up XS clothes and loudly proclaims that they are too big for her. What a B. haha
  2. I feel your pain. I have hyperpigmentation that feels like it's been around for years. I've read that asians, latinos, and black people are more prone to this. I swear this is the only thing "asian" that shows up in my genes. But in the past I have tried Vitamin K. I bought it at Sally's beauty supply. It worked pretty good except I felt like it was making me break out slightly. Also gently exfoliating. And I mean gently, because harsh ones can make it worse. Also after exfoliating use a face ma
  3. Beansykins

    The no foundation makeup for women thread

    That's awesome! It takes a lot of strength to show everyone how beautifully flawed we all are. I wear no makeup about half the time. The other half it is so minimal it only reduces the severity of the redness. Also by 12 in the afternoon it is all gone anyway because of how horribly oily I am.