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  1. Anyone heard of acne cloths? they are like small hand-towels you use to scrub your face and gets rid of all the oil and dirt of the day, it also exfoliates very gently and takes care of any acne scarring. It's called a dermaspa cloth sold on ebay by enchanted waters, they recommend you use black african fog soap (natural soap) WITH the cloths and use them once everyday to see results. They also recommend you use aloe vera as a moisturizer after cleaning your face. I've used this for 5 months and
  2. try microdermabrasion cloths, they are very gradual and are effective in lightening acne scars. enchanted waters on ebay sells waffle and terry cloths that microderm the skin gently without using acid, chemicals, lasers to get rid of flat red acne scars. This wont work on ice pick scars for obvious reasons, but they have worked real well on my acne scars, i still have the deep ones, but maybe in a year or so they will all completely be gone. You can try Salcylic or BHA acid, but acid is way hars
  3. shealoe butter from enchanted waters (ebay) aloe vera from enchanted waters (ebay) Skin MD natural (you can find this on google for 10 bucks)
  4. just read your previous post about the Dermaspa and looks ok, what are the ingredients? going to check out this cloth. but its known that those who suffer with acne shouldnt be rubbing there skin. you should use chemical exfoliators that are not harsh on the skin Derpaspa is a terry cloth used for exfoliation, the african fog soap is all natural: * Plantain Skins * Palm Kernels * Cocoa Pods * Safflower Oil * Saponified oils of olive, palm & coconut *
  5. Im telling you all, this is the best acne product i've ever tried. I tried proactiv, cerave, st. ives scrub, just about everything but none of them comes close to these acne cloths and black african soap! So all you do is you wet the terry weave cloth and wring it out, rub the african soap on the cloth and go in circles on your face till you hit every spot and rinse! After cleansing I take their aloe vera moisturizer and rub the face till its completely smooth and dry.. i do that every single d
  6. when i changed toothpastes all of a sudden i started breaking out SPECIFICALLY around my lips and nowhere else (i dont get acne anywhere else anymore). its crazy, its a whitening toothpaste that has SLS in it
  7. NEVER pick at it! let it go away by itself and you wont have this problem
  8. that area loooks really irritated, could be because of overwashing, chemicals you use in that area, too much build up of oil clogging and irritating.. it could be many things, its up to you to find out what is causing it.
  9. my comments are in red: i'm not really new to it, its just at the point where its getting to be too much.. thanks for your reply but i don't think it would be a good idea to rub my sensitive face dry with a towel or anything else for that matter.. Rather than use face wash rub your skin gently with a soft cotton towel, this replaces what your facewash would do. i really think your facewash is the one causing this severe dryness, i would backtrack and find the main ca
  10. how are you going to eat healthy but spread chemicals to clean your face? wise up!
  11. you sound somewhat new to the reality of acne, i suggest you quit everything you use on your face that is causing this. And just wash your face normally with just warm water and your hand and gently rub your face with a towel. dont moisturize i think what is causing your acne is what you are using as moisturizer or scrub. Just follow that for a few days and hopefully your skin will go back to how it was.
  12. cerave is about the worst product i have used for acne.. stay away from that stuff. ive heard bad things about proactiv too! youve been warned
  13. organic is the way to go if you have acne, if you use things with harsh acids and chemicals you are asking for more acne! So this stuff is good, probably a good idea to use a natural or organic moisturizer too.