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  1. I have scheduled an appointment to start my process for accutane next week. I know that I will be approved because my dermatologist gave me the option, but I wanted some time to think about it. I understand that blood tests are done before and during the course of accutane. Is the initial test done at the dermatologists office, or by my regular doctor? I don't know if I should make an appointment to see my doctor before my derm appointment or not, and now it's the weekend so I can't call. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated! I just wanted to get started ASAP!

  2. I have the very same problem! Probably what helps me the most is:

    1. Do not look at your face closely in the mirror. That is when I notice all my imperfections and I get some urge to start picking, squeezing, popping any blemish with false hope that it will look better.

    2. Never start picking just one blemish thinking it will be the only one. Every time I pick one thing it seems nearly impossible to stop. I can think in my head, "just this one," but that is never the case. Its always one after another until I finally find the power to stop.

  3. Ok, so my main concern with taking Accutane is how my skin is going to turn out after I am done. When my face is clear I have very nice skin, it is very smooth, has natural glow, and can almost look flawless. My face is very oily, but that usually does not bother me as long as I do not have acne. I am mainly considering Accutane for my back, chest, and shoulders. I think my acne in these regions is mild to moderately severe. I have tried many topical prescription medications as well as antibiotics, but nothing seems to help much. Anyways, I do not want to sacrifice my beautiful facial skin to clear the rest of my body. Of course I am aware of all of the drying side effects while taking acne. I am curious to know if people who take Accutane are likely to end up with dry, dull looking skin. Also, I have heard that Accutane can cause premature aging. Is this true? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.