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  1. Hi jcb09xx,Just wanted to let you know that I am in the exact same spot as you! I face pick as well and it is extremely frustrating. I often use the face picking as a stress reliever as well BUT I have also noticed that I do it out of sheer boredom and habit at times as well. Will continue following your blogg and hope we can support one another :- All the best for today! -cb
    Thank you for your support! I feel that posting here daily is really helping me stay focused on not picking my skin. Previously I've tried to stop with no success, but I think this might be my best attempt so far. Best of luck to you as well!
  2. I also have such a problem with picking i can't seem to find a way to stop! Great job on going a whole day! My problem is I pick when i'm bored, or when i'm just sitting there, which is alot, while i sit watching tv, while sitting at my desk at work, and sitting while i'm driving, uuugggh!! Its such a bad habit.
    I also pick a lot when I am bored. Stress also seems to trigger it for me. I've managed two days! Not too impressive, but hopefully I'll keep this up! Best of luck to you as well.