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  1. Still on track! Proud to say I've had no picking attacks in over 72 hours. I have certainly been tempted to pick. I keep catching myself feeling around my skin for something to pick. Also, I must note, that my nightly skincare routine has been cut nearly in half in time (prime time for my skin picking).
  2. Thank you for your support! I feel that posting here daily is really helping me stay focused on not picking my skin. Previously I've tried to stop with no success, but I think this might be my best attempt so far. Best of luck to you as well!
  3. I've gone two days without any picking problems. However, I must say I've felt much more tempted to pick today than I did yesterday. I have been more anxious/stressed today than yesterday as well. I definitely believe anxiety triggers picking and vice versa.
  4. I also pick a lot when I am bored. Stress also seems to trigger it for me. I've managed two days! Not too impressive, but hopefully I'll keep this up! Best of luck to you as well.
  5. I have managed to go a whole day with out any obsessive picking at my skin. I will be honest, I very gently popped a few white heads on my face just because they were so noticeable. They are ones that will look better tomorrow from being popped. I tried avoiding looking in mirrors. Mirrors seem to trigger this compulsion. I've been able to quick picking in the past, but no more than a few days I'd say. I'll be very happy if I can get to a week without any picking "attacks."
  6. Thank you! Would you like to try to stop picking as well by posting daily progress here?
  7. I just left the bathroom after destroying my skin for nearly an hour. Why I do this, I don't know. It has become a huge problem, not only the damage done to my skin, but also the anxiety involved. I have been picking/popping for the past 4 years. I have some scarring that will probably never go away (fortunately not on face). I pick the smallest imperfections I can see only making them worse. I have tried to quit this habit several times with no success. I'm hoping this blog will help kee
  8. I have scheduled an appointment to start my process for accutane next week. I know that I will be approved because my dermatologist gave me the option, but I wanted some time to think about it. I understand that blood tests are done before and during the course of accutane. Is the initial test done at the dermatologists office, or by my regular doctor? I don't know if I should make an appointment to see my doctor before my derm appointment or not, and now it's the weekend so I can't call. A
  9. I have the very same problem! Probably what helps me the most is: 1. Do not look at your face closely in the mirror. That is when I notice all my imperfections and I get some urge to start picking, squeezing, popping any blemish with false hope that it will look better. 2. Never start picking just one blemish thinking it will be the only one. Every time I pick one thing it seems nearly impossible to stop. I can think in my head, "just this one," but that is never the case. Its always one af
  10. Ok, so my main concern with taking Accutane is how my skin is going to turn out after I am done. When my face is clear I have very nice skin, it is very smooth, has natural glow, and can almost look flawless. My face is very oily, but that usually does not bother me as long as I do not have acne. I am mainly considering Accutane for my back, chest, and shoulders. I think my acne in these regions is mild to moderately severe. I have tried many topical prescription medications as well as antibioti