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  1. Calabi!!! hey hun! well i havent been on here for ages, as im pulling 15 hour shifts most days as my partner and i are saving to buy a house! so im constantly tierd! and cant wait to crawl in to bed!! im sorry to read that you were feeling low a while a go, and concerned about your eyes.although it doesnt sound like ive suffered as much as you with sore eyes i have found them dry at times and that is irritating. i still have patches of exma on my body and some days my body itches like mad. pe
  2. hi calabi! i dont really post on my log any more, so ill just tell you, and others will read it too!! My sun burn is freaking me out! it hasnt gone! ive been left with bright red arms that are itchy! everyone comments on them! it must be the tablets, but i look like a freak! since my dose has gone up, ive noticed that every where is dryer. ive got patches of dry skin all over my body. and inside my nose is sooooo sore. ive been putting vaseline up there at night but it doesnt make much of a di
  3. hi hun! month 3 whoop whoop! i cant beleive its been a week sine i got burnt and it still hasnt gone down! my arms are bright red, everyone commenting...even the ASDA till lady! bit concerned, usually just go brown after few days. its sooo itchy aswell. and flaky! hope ur sun burn heals quicker than mine!! still not getting out breaks- thats a lie. got one pimple on my chest actually! just remembered! but thats no problem! can deal with one! not sure what to do bout the scaring at the mo. wha
  4. hiya! work is good thank you, and people are begining to comment on the improvement of my face!so the acutane must be doing something! yeah the nose bleeds arnt so bad now, keep shoving vasaline up my nose, so thats helping! definatly recomend that u are careful in the sun. i went on a 8 mile walk yesterday, looked really overcast so didnt really bother with the spf as thought id keep jacket on, anyway was boiling! i now look like a lobster and it is really painful, also its made my scars on
  5. hi calabi! been a while, sorry! been working non stop! im happy that things are going so well for u hun! dont worry bout ur eyes. have u got some drops? mine get dry at times, but i wear lenses so i expected that they would. u must try the mineral make up! im loving it! it doesnt even feel like u wearing any! my scalp also very dry, but thats a good thing for me as i usually have to wash my hair every morning which is a pain when i have an early start! but now i only was it every third day!
  6. DAY 39! accutane is a funny old thing! one day ill think: "yip yip this is soooo working!" another day ill break out on one side and it will be sooo sore, howver thay do seem to heal alot quicker! i stupidly got sun burned at the weekend, and it was soooo sore, and now im sheding like a snake on my arms!! my skin in general is itchy alot of the time, but sticking with the aveeno! derm said i have a little exma, but not too concerned! the only real problem is im getting a nose bleed at least
  7. im sure u can get carmex over there! try the internet also. its the best thing honestly!!!
  8. hi! yeah the make up gives relly good coverage! and i find that i dont even use very much, i hardly dab the brush in the powder! i think the derm will up my dose, well i hope he does. im not flaky any more which im pleased about but i cant help thinking that maybe that also means the accutane isnt working as much now?? what dose are you on? ive had a few nose leeds, nothing major though. i need to keep up with the lip balm too, otherwise its crack city! x
  9. thanx mercyunbound! yeah definatly stall have to exfoliate, i do like the dermalogica one, but at moment using st ives. im finding that my skin is itchy alot of the time, all over my body.it feels a bit like when sun burn is healing! im still getting new spots on my cheeks and jaw line, and some sore little suckers on my neck, but they are a different kind of spot to what i used to get,smaller and they look like mozi bites! still a few white heads in the morning, but only small ones. my spots s
  10. Im with u tv_viewer CARMEX CARMEX CARMEX!! then a boujour lip gloss over the top if going out! hope u getting on ok calabi? x
  11. breanana, dont be depressed! it will be fine! use loads of aveeno moisturiser! derm recommended! and although they say not to exfoliate, i would if your skin gets really really dry, just be gentle! good luck. Calabi! hipe u getting on ok! its called mineral make up, u can get it off of the internet, i got the one called foundation, there is lots of other ones aswell! got derm appt soon, wonder if he will up my dose!? hows u?
  12. DAY 22! well this time last week i was really breaking out and it was soooo sore. treated with ice, ibruphen and germoline things started to calm down. plucked up the courage to go in to town and buy some mineral make up which everyone tells me is great! went back to work the next day (with mineral make up on!), and thought i looked ok, considering how bad things looked the previous day...however it wasnt until on the way home i happened to look in the car mirror in broad day light that i could
  13. hey hun! i also break out on the ol' jaw line...what a pain in the arse!very itchy too! my face was really really bad a few days ago but i gota say im def seing an improvement. i really recomend aveeno moisturiser for body and face! im not experiencing any drynes now! and i havnt had dry lips either using the squeezy tube of carmex. i do apply it through out the day. oh and for any major spots i take ibruphen then ice them, then apply germoline antiseptic cream, seems to heal them a treat and h
  14. hello Gotta GT This. reading your past posts have really made me smile, as u sound just like me! im on day 16 and am really struggling with the big red sore spots. had to use alot of ice and ibruphen yesterday.managed to wangle another day off work (i just cant be seen in public right now) i got up this morning and have such a sore spot on my freaking neck. i totaly know what u mean when you just get rid of one spot, for it to then be replaced with another!!! i really hope this works this time
  15. thank u wynne. i think i read another post of your about ice and ant inflamatory. i did this this morning and then put germolene antiseptic cream on. it deffinatly isnt as sore and isnt swollen now. obviously the spots/sores are still theire, but not as red! thank god. i also managed to get tomorrow off work, so get an extra day to heal! thanks so much. x