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  1. DAY 18: I am behind like 3 days on my treatment because a few of the days this pst week I only took one 30 mg. pill instead of two cuz I was drinking (st. Patty's) of course I am sure that that did nothing! Also my side effects seem to be alot but I'm also kinda a slight anxiety whore so that could be why too!!! hmmmm... anywho.. Doing ok.. face is still broke out along my jaw but not many white heads so that helps me to not pick! but I noticed that when I do pic it remains red longer and I get
  2. DAY 16 ... 2 Weeks done! Ok.. so initial breakout is healing yaya... Same symptoms as before.. dry skin, lips, random headaches here and there, back pain, bleedy gums only when I brush my teeth. My hair just started doing the no oil thing so it looks like I just washed it all the time.. thats kinda nice Definatley itchy scalp though And I developed excema like rashes on the back of my hands and forearms after a long day working at the hospital and using that drying foam all day on thurs but
  3. Hey faithinhim... Question for ya.. how do you get the "check out my log" link at the bottom of your replies and the regimen of what you are on??
  4. WEEK 2 pics they don't look as bad as they really r.. my phone doesn't have the best resolution.. oops
  5. DAY 11: Prayin to get better! So all I can say is I wicked broken out! blah.. But if this is what was gonna come out on my skin eventually anyways.. mine as well all come out at once and get it over with... Really dry flaky skin.. super dry lips and a cut in the corner from dryness and it hurts like heck.. ouch! My neck hurt wicked bad the last couple days but I could have slept wrong... also my face is more red than usual and it freaks me out a little bit.. so ya.. all in all it sux right now..
  6. jerichoa- Does the fish oil help? my skin is really dry(obv.) and reddish on accutane.. just wondering
  7. You sound like me! I did the whole month on birth control.. did the blood tests, went to the doc and he prescribed, answered the questions on ipledge. CVS calls me to tell me there is an issue with the insurance, after a million calls back and forth between the ins co, doc, cvs my insurance company FINALLY aproves it.. but oh wait they approve it the day after the 7 day period that I can pic up the script due to ipledges damn rules!!!! So Ihad to wait 2 more weeks, get another blood test, have a
  8. Totally agree with you guys.. and I def agree that I am willing to suffer from all the common side effects too.. It's just so scary you know! and it doesn't help that my mom and sis are on my back about getting off of it! My mom is the one that called me to tell me.. of course she has had like one zit her whole life (dad's side). They are just lookin out for me.. I just took my night dose of claravis. If I stop now I will regret it forever. If my doctor tells me to stop I will and I do get check
  9. I've been on claravis for over a week.. I'm not really concerned about the name brand being takin off the market.. but about all the lawsuits out against them for people with intestine issues and such.. I already have IBS and am worried now. I know all drugs have issues.. I don't want to stop taking it because, well we all know why. I guess I'll call my doc tommorow just to be sure.. man.. why does it have to be so scary Oh but I'm def not worried about the depression issue I'm good with that..
  10. Roche labs taking Accutane off the market by june. This was just on the news and you can google it. There have been so many lawsuits against them about this drug. Some guy has to have his bowel removed becuase it caused Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome.. I am sooooo freaked out right now.. Do I keep taking it or stop? or what? anyone?????
  11. Ok... so day 9 I woke up with a wicked headache.. great way to spend my radiation science class.. haven't woke p w a headache in a loonnngg time.. gatta b the accutane. My skin on my face is super dry.. like my concealer is flaky.. ugggg.. and my back is killin me.. not my lower back though.. like my thoracic ragion.. mid back... hmmmm... had better day for sure btw... does anyone know how to create that accutane regime thing on peoples profiles? can't find it. faithinhim Np .. just hate lookin
  12. Btw my name is Allison too! spelt the same way
  13. Hey girl! U r doing great.. wish I had ur will power with food! I will hopefully be going back to the gym soon... don't like to go with a breakout cuz u can't wear makeup! uggg.. Keep it up.. ur probably gonna start really clearing up soon!
  14. ok.. so I think I figured out the pic thing.. Even though they r so friggin gross and embarrasing I need to post them to show results through out treatment.. argg...
  15. Ok so I just typed a long ass post that took forever and my cat just jumped on my lap top and pressed a button that erased it!! WTF.. I am not a happy camper.. Anyways.. I would have posted earlier but I couldn't figure out how to! Didn't even know people replied! Also it won't let me upload a pic for my profile.. so confused! So, thanks for replying peeps! I'm excited to let u all in on my progress and to read all of yours, very helpful! I did mean 9 years AGO so I was 19 Thanks for the suppor