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  1. Wow that's a long time. On the bottle it mentioned something about QTY: 30, and I figured it would only last a month, thanks.
  2. I have read all the information and how to use it but I'm still slightly confused. When you apply it to a DRY face, you do NOT rinse after you have applied it, correct? If so, than how do you avoid the coat of whitish stuff the forms on your face after application.
  3. How long will one bottle of retin-a micro pump last, I don't think my doctor allowed any refills on this one as he prescribed another thing (benzaclin I think) for like eight months.....so how long with one 50g (I think) bottle of the stuff last. I don't wanna just get that initial breakout and peeling and not have enough time to follow through and get some results.
  4. All you guys are lucky, I peeled in three days and am barely using any of it, some people just react differently
  5. I'm on it an definately break out less, I've been on it for about two months though and have about 2 pimples but lots of red marks
  6. Yeah, I think I'm going to wait a couple weeks, it just keeps looking better every day and hopefully I might not have to use Retin-A ( I heard that you are supposed to peel with this stuff, I don't like peeling)
  7. I can't find any listed side effects of hair loss, on my bottle and on the internet, but I have heard of it before. It might be a good idea to contact your physician and find out for sure, but I think it's unrelated.
  8. For the past week and a half I have been only washing with water and nothing else because, according to Dan's video about doing nothing, it only works for those who aren't "supposed" to have acne, like me (flawless skin throughout family history), and I think my acne was caused by over medication. Anyways, I was prescribed Retin-A and antibiotics a few days ago, but the thing is that I haven't formed a new pimple since about three days after I started only washing with water. Should I wait to se
  9. Well they went to med-school for many years so I hope they know SOMETHING about acne. I just think that they take a generic "cookie cutter" approach to treating it, you know? "Heres some benzoyl peroxide and some anti-biotics and goodby"
  10. I'm a competitive swimmer and have practice that often run more than two hours. I recently determined that my acne was not genetic (parents never had acne, cousins never, aunts/uncles never, TWIN sister never, BTW I am a guy) so I started doing nothing to treat it, like Dan said in his video about doing nothing. I have been doing this for about three days, and whenever I get out of the pool, the harsh chlorine seems like it's ripping away my skin and I'm left very dry and very flakey, so would t
  11. Yeah I'm 16 years old just like you, how long have you had your acne for? I got my first pimple in 7th grade. I will try this nothing thing tommorrow
  12. I know I'm sick of my face and nothing has worked, I think I will give this a shot in a few days
  13. Hi, first I want to explain that I'm not trying to be negative, merely inquisitve. I am thinking about going on the regimen but I can't help asking how is BP going to clear my skin? I know that it kills the bacteria, but bacteria isn't the cause of ance. To my understanding acne is caused by clogged pores resulting from cell turnover and an overactive production of sebum that allows the bacteria to multiply. So, if BP doesn't prevent the cause of acne, how will it ultimately clear somebody up?
  14. They discovered a drug already on the market today that drastically reduces sebum production (70% or more in all patients) and that also has anti inflammatory properties, with almost no side effects that could be considered harmful. Miracly right? Problem is that the company doing the research has decided to change it into topical form, which could be a few years wait. Heaven forbid that they release it's name so more people could be rid of acne, right, that hurts business. Anyways sorry not to