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  1. hey for how long have you been on the regimen ...what acne severity did you have when you first started and how long till you seen results /...ask your mom or a body for money I've been on the regimen since late January/early February this year. Within the first month I noticed a big difference and unlike most other people I never had issues with excessive dryness or anything. I would say that I have moderate acne, it's very localized to my chin and jaw line but very consistent and stubbor
  2. AAAHHHHH! I'm so low on my BP but I have to wait until July before I'll have the money to order more product and by then I'll be out of everything! It's very frustrating since this is the only thing that's ever worked for my skin. Since being on the acne.org regimen my skin has cleared up SO much and any break outs I do get go away quite quickly. I'm so sad that I'll have to deal with breakouts and makeup again here real soon and have to start from scratch on the regimen come July I wish I coul
  3. I read somewhere that you can spot treat acne with honey. Put honey on the spot before bed cover with a bandaid and whala in the am the spot is gone. Has anyone else heard of this and possible tired it with any luck?
  4. When you go to the store link at the top of the page and go to the AHA product page Dan has a description of the product and videos on there. It sounds like he uses the AHA at night after the BP in replace of the moisturizer and as a spot treatment. You skin does the most turn over and new cell growth at night so it makes sense to use the AHA at night since it exfoliates.
  5. The BP wont help with scaring but the AHA might.
  6. I use Acne.org products and have recently upped the amount of BP I use. Currently I'm using one full pump and it feels like a TON on my face so when the time comes for me to up the amount to two pumps is it really necessary for me to do it all at once or can I use one pump wait for it to dry then add a second pump then moisturize after all is dry?
  7. You're right! I really should follow the regmen exactly. So starting today I'm using the moisturizer regardless if I think it breaks me out more and I'm just going to wait it out and hope for the best!
  8. I've suffered with acne for at least 17 years! From pre-adolescence into adulthood. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market with not much luck. Most over the counter products haven't worked for me. I used proactive for a while with good results until I had children. Once my hormones changed proactive stopped working for me. I haven't dabbled with too many prescription products due to a lack of stable insurance and some personal feelings towards pharmaceutical companies. I found acne.org one night
  9. I've been a long term friend to acne but it has not been a good friend to me. I'm not sure if acne runs in the family or not it seems to be hit and miss my mom has great skin, her sister not so much. Guess I take after her... I would love to one day be free of it so if my children one day suffer from acne I will be able to provide them with what they need to be sure that acne does not become a fan of them as well.