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  1. Well, for the first time in about 3 years i can finally say, im CLEAR<33 it feels so good! my skin is smooth and the scars are starting to diminish. im almost done on 50 mg and when i finish my dermo is putting me on retin a to keep peeling away my scars. im only going to be doing it every other day so i shouldnt get red or anything but im hoping that it will keep the acne away! thats my biggest fear right now..that it all comes back. but lets hope not! i dont have much else to say except
  2. Well, i got back from camp! in one months time, things have improved GREATLY. I am pretty sure i dont have one active pimple on my face..!! I just have scars everywhere that looks like i have 70 active pimples.. I just got scar gel from my dermo and its supposed to work great for redness and everything so wish me luck! only like a month until school and i really want my skin better (: it is so great when i wash my face-its all smoothness, no bumps and no hurting! AHH I LOVE ACCUTANE anyway
  3. im reading! i know how you feel, its so tough to go through acne! im on accutane and its like a rollercoaster! and for your above entry, try head and shoulder or dove has really good moisturizing ones!
  4. Hey acne.org! Well, like the title everythings sorta so-so. When my dermo popped some a couple weeks ago, that really was the beginning of clearing my forehead. It has gotten much better, its just scars now! I think the worst is over ( thank you Lord) and i'll start seeing more improvement. My cheeks have been the same breakouts since day one! Honestly nothings changed since. :/ Im going to camp soon and i wont be back for a month so i should have HUGE improvements! i cant wait to see the
  5. salt water! my face always get better at the beach and so when i got home i tried to "imitate" the salt watermix sea salt and water together and dab a cotton ball in it and rub on your face and leave for like 5-10 minutesive had pretty good success (:lemon and vinegar are good for exfoliating as wellhoney is antibacterialpotatoes for acne scars ive heard but never triedand..baking soda is a really good exfoliant and spot treatment
  6. Sorry, i haven't written an entry in like 20 days! Well, theres a lot thats happened. First of all, after my cortisone pill (that didnt work) she started to question what was going on. So, she asked if i was using anything abrasive or harsh. Well, i said i was using a clarisonic. HOLY COW..that didn't make her happy! Apparently that just spreads bacteria and makes it so much worse! Thats why at day 57 im still not even clearing up mildly. :/ Anywho, she said it was a bacterial problem, (thats
  7. things aren't good..at all. i went in to my dermatologist about a week and a half ago for my monthly checkup and she was not happy. it had gotten worse and she didnt like that so i was prescribed some cortisone pill and aczone topical gel ON TOP OF accutane..uh! i dont get it:( so i was a little bummed, but within a couple of days it started getting better. then, as usual, it stopped working and its right back to the bad stage it was in. i atleast dont have a dry skin beard like i did hah
  8. aw thank you! it really is hard and i know stress can probably make it worse so im going to try to relax a little more! haha but thank you for the encouragement (:
  9. hi! i am currently on acutane right now and its my 15th day ( i have a blog if you wanna read) sooo.. um i think a lot of people experience joint pain (i do) and watch out for dry dry dry skin and lips, have a good moisturizer handy at all times. i am breaking out a little more since im just starting but i think thats normal:) well, hope this helps!
  10. I hardly have words to say. i am so discouraged! my acne is just absolutely disgusting and to make things better, i have like a dry skin beard! its flaky and nasty all over.. my friend wanted me to go to the movies tonight and i said no because i just can't go out like this. i could hardly make it through school, i just wanna cry. i get new pimples every day, new blackheads, new pustules, and that gross stuff..NEW EVERY DAY! i dont get it! i guess thats why im discouraged, because i jus
  11. dude, i ffeel the same way. acne has made me feel miserable and just wanna stay inside all day. i dont go out on the weekends like a normal highschooler or put pictures up of me on facebook, because i feel like i look so terrible! all i can say is sorry:( and you should go on accutane! i am currently on it and can't wait for the result at the end of the 5 months! stay strong:)
  12. Hey:) So, i just took my 6th pill! Yesterday, my skin started drying out around my mouth and nose. Today, it only got worse. I apply lotion and it just absorbs it and gets dry again.. Tonight i'm putting aquaphor around my nose to alleviate the itching and pain. I had more whiteheads today, hopefully accutanes pushing them all out. Nothing else besides that. Well, thanks for reading! ♥ Lu
  13. Hello! Well..my lips are dry. and they hurt. and the crazy thing is, yesterday was only my 3rd pill! Whatever, aquaphor is freaking amazing! I applied it in the morning and was good till last class! My face is...well, running the world's oil supply. No help in that yet, but i don't expect it to, its only the 4th day today! I don't know if i'm out of shape (i can't admit it) or if accutane is really making me feel 40 years older. My workout in track today felt 10x worse...yay me. Some p
  14. i have heard it gets worse before it gets better (like every other acne treatment) so im sorry! im not excited for that to happen to me:( and my lips just started getting dry!thank you!
  15. Hello! I am OFFICIALLY on accutane! Just about 35 days ago I got the best news ever. . .I can start accutane Today is actually my 3rd day and I'm already getting impatient. I have had acne for over 2 years and i can honestly say its ruined my life. It's taken away so much of my confidence and has made me the photographer instead of being in pictures. I have no desire to show my huge red face to all of facebook. I hate acne so much! it's like frikken targets on your face! it sucks, sucks, s