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  1. I'll keep this short...without having to sift through a billion blogs/logs I'd like to know how my face is doing compared to others. I've been on low dose accutane for almost three months. I've lots the oil, the scars are sloooowly fading, but I'm still breaking out! Is this normal??! Gahhhh! I just want to be done with this and I'm trying to be positive, but it just seems like accutane is going to end up being like everything else I've tried to no avail! I know everyone's experience varie
  2. Wowzers, its been a long time since I updated my blog! April was super busy at work, home and planning our wedding. Unfortunately, not much new to report. Still the same old same old. As far as side effects go, just the consistent dry lips and as of late red eyes. My vision is fine, but people have been noting my eye seems red and irritated. I'm sure it's a mix of accutane and my computer screen. As for my face, personally until it is "low maintenance" I won't be happy. It is better, but
  3. FMF


    Update: So, I have 5 old cysts that are still hanging around on my chin. They aren't active anymore, but they are noticeable and red. I have one spot right by my upper lip that is just very yucky, looks like a cold sore...I picked at it though, so that one is my fault. The cyst on my chin invited another pimple to its going away party so now I have two active spots, one practically right on top of the original cyst! Got my first forehead breakout since I started accutane. Its just one spot,
  4. FMF

    200+ days left?

    Shall keep it short and sweet today... Went to see my doctor. She and I are both happy with my progress, have decided not to rock the boat and keep taking 10mg/day. My acne is fairly moderate, I think mostly hormonal, so I am okay with this decision. Got a prescription for 6 months worth of accutane. That would bring my total course to 8 months. However, she said I can stop whenever I feel I'm ready. So for now, I'm just takin er a month at a time.
  5. Vampire Diary's is back on tonight! Yaaaa, its my guilty pleasure.... Speaking of blood, I've been seeing it a lot lately. Pre accutane my acne would just kind of dry out, peel off and heal. I try very hard not to pick and squeeze my blemishes, but when there is a crusty layer (sorry, so gross!) I peel it off so it can heal....when I do this to my IB spots they bleed like a mo'fo, like bright red blood running down my face. As soon as I put a clean cloth and pressure on it its fine though. Ju
  6. Hey! We really wanted 10/10/10, but we can't get married on a Sunday so we picked October 9. I'm excited, its creeping up on me fast, still a million things to do! I am keeping a blog. I'm like 80 days behind you though, but I enjoy reading about your progress. P.S. Screw that Macbeth loser! P.P.S. Where are you going on your honeymoon?!
  7. So ya, since I started my accutane course I have to say I've been having some messed up dreams. Can't even explain it, they are just sooo real and I can remember all of them, like 2 or 3 a night. Sometimes I can't even differentiate between life and dreams until I've been awake for a while. Just thought I'd share, anyone else experience this? Last night was a good night though, I washed my face, crawled into bed and didn't feel anything. I hate the way acne looks, but I also royally hate
  8. I'm trying to eat healthy myself, I take accutane after dinner every night with my other supplements, including the fish oil. I'm sure its okay to do, as long as you are digesting a good size meal with the supplements and accutane. Whether or not it makes accutane more effective, not sure but it can't hurt right!?
  9. I take one a day women's multi vitamin. I asked my pharmacist when I first started Accutane and he said that there is not enough A in the multi vitamin to make a difference so it was okay to keep taking it.
  10. Congrats on the house! You and me have a lot in common. My fiancée and I have been living in our first home 5 months today. Yesterday was my one month mark for accutane and my engagement pics are booked for June as well so I'm hoping my face will be in better shape by then! Good luck with everything!
  11. FMF

    Day 19......

    Hey Dez! I've always broken out more right before my period to. I just started mine the other day and a couple days ago I got two big cysts. I've only been on accutane for a month now, so its hard to tell if this is part of the ol' IB or if its hormonal. Guess I'll have to wait till next month and compare. Good luck!
  12. FMF

    1 Month

    Current mood: Meh So, one month down and I have noticed many improvements to my skin. But like I said in my very first post, if my face looks anything like it does today on my wedding day I will soooo not be happy about it! I've been reading other blogs and my skin seems to be on track with other people. The random dry patches have healed nicely, I got rid of the blackheads, my face produces like zero oil. But, I have three semi-healed cysts, three I never want to leave your face cysts