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  1. I've been having some hair issues too. I stopped accutane about 3 months ago. I was on like 60mg a day for like 5 months, and i had no probs with my hair until a few weeks ago. for example, if before I was pulling out 50 hairs in the shower (I dunno, just for example sake ya know) now i'm pulling like 150-200....but i'm not sure if it's from the accutane or from the summer because I work at an outdoor pool and am in the chlorine for like 4 hrs a day and my hair got hella bleached from the sun, e
  2. Rite-Aid carries it where I live... But I would imagine that Walgreens or someplace like that would too... if all that fails call your derm they have samples that usually they're more than willing to just give to you
  3. 1. How old where you when you started Accutane? 19 2. What and how many medicines did you try before Accutane? Birth Control and Erythromiycin 3. How bad was your Acne before Acctuane? some cysts 4. What dose of Accutane where you taking? Ummm 40 mg twice a day for a few months then 40 mg 3 times a day twice a week and 40 mg twice a day 5 times a week 5. How long did you take Accutane and how many courses? 5 months and just one so far 6. Did Accutane clear your Acne comp
  4. not all of us have the monies to be gettin the real good stuff....
  5. don't take anything with vitamin a! My derm told me to take vit C and E (2 E's a day) and iron ('im a girl)...i used to take centrum too
  6. actually i've found that the sun and chlorine HELP my face...weird huh
  7. I've drank while on accutane (like 5 or 6 times) and like up to 8 drinks, and I was fine, and my blood work was fine. My skin was just flaky from being dehydrated the next day, that's all. and the sun thing is a good idea to...try to avoid it or put like spf 45 on..i'm a lifeguard and i'm on my last month of accutane, so I can't really avoid it, but I put spf 60 on ever 30-45 mins hehe! but I still get pink every day almost! it sucks
  8. My doc never said anything about it either (but maybe cause i'm also only 19) but then I did mention something one time when I was talking to her about a trip I took to canada for my 19th to drink, and she didn't say anything about it being bad ect....the one thing I have noticed is that when I do drink the next morning my skin is hella dry...like flaking. Because alcohol makes you dehydrated, and so that doesn't help the dry skin caused by accutane.
  9. Um personally accutane has helped my scars tremendously. I had scars from my acne that had gone away along with acne too. But the scars that I ahd (pretty red and dark) are all but gone now (on accutane 4 months) so, YES accutane helps scars
  10. My brother used it way back like 5+ years ago, and it worked ok for him I spose...i think he was gonna grow outta his acne anyway. I tried it too way back when at the same time, and it took care of the acne I had then. (back before I got cysts and stuff) so I think if you just have mild acne, then it'll help
  11. hahahah! thanks, yeah my man doesn't really bug me about it, I think he just kinda wonders if it's HIM ya know. But it's not I know that fo sho hehe!! Thanks for the responses, i'm off accutane in a month and half, so I'm hopin everything will go back to normal after that!
  12. Ok girls...has anyone else had a problem with being dry "down there" since you started accutane?? I never ever had that problem before, and it really sucks. I got some KY Jelly, and that works, but it's really annoying and my bf gets a little frustrated sometimes cause we always have to use the stupid ky, just wondering if any other girls have had this problem... ](*,)
  13. Hey all, i've been on accutane for 4 months now, and it's working pretty well...but that's not my point...it's getting to be summer now (and it's hella sunny and hot where I live) I"m fair skinned and freckled and burn kinda easily even w/o the accutane. (at least for awhile before I get some color on me) and I'm also a lifeguard (go figure huh). I've noticed that even when I drive from school (20 min commute) to home in the afternoon I get pink from the sun!!! the doctor gave me spf 50 for my f
  14. I had really bad chapped lips as well and have been on accutane for almost 4 months now, but they're fine as long as I keep them well lubed up with Aquaphor....it's made by Eucerin and you can find it at any store...my derm also give me little bottles of it that go in my pocket, it's great stuff.
  15. I'm 3 and half months into accutane it's working great....but in the last few weeks i've gottan REALLY itchy skin, at one point I couldn't even stand it hardly...and now it's just like prickles under my skin every few seconds in different places. Mostly my arms and legs, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I can't call my doc cause I haev to make an appt to ask him anything (how lame is that) and my monthly appt is in 2 weeks anyway.... I've been trying to put on lotion more than usual,