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  1. Hi There New to this website but am so glad i found this website. I have been suffering with acne since the age of 11/12 and I am now 30, it feels so unbelievable to be saying im suffering with acne for almost 18/19 years, its definitely been part of my life for so long, i dont know my life without it for sure. So after years of trying every treatment you can think of, every anti biotic, cream, over the counter products nothing has ever worked fully, it might ease off for a period but then
  2. Wow, the last couple of days im feeling my skin, and its becoming so smooth, i will have just one month completed this saturday and i would say ive about 2 spots on my face that are healing. When i started this i would say i had between 15-25 spots not including marks, i am so happy i cant believe after all this time my skin is dramatically improving. I really got so inspired when i seen some pics online here with before and after and what a great result i hope my skin is the same. I am so
  3. hey there, i have a friend who finished her treatment last year and she advised me that now and again due to the heat her face will go abit red and the scars are more visible, we are living in australia at the mo, scars are visible but as it says nothing will remove previous scars before the treatment. I am currently in my 3rd week of taking oratane, got all the normal symptoms, dry lips, dry scalp, dry nose and of course skin, im going through the break out but i find the spots clear up faster