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  1. My skin might just extra tough. Cause i'm just starting my 6th month of accutane and I use BP. My skin isn't extra sensitive, just extra dry. I don't mind it. I have a fantastic moisturizer. As for going back, I think you could if you wanted to. I mean, I assume you have to see your derm for monthly checkups, so if you noticed a side effect that wasn't worth it, you wouldn't have to keep taking it. I know you said your face is feelings extra greasy right now, that should go away in a day
  2. Well, since I've posted this, I've gotten it down to three times a day. Morning, evening, and before bed.
  3. I think it depends. I went from 125 to 140 in my 4th month and my derm still kept me on 60mgs/day. She said I was still in the right dosing for my weight. (I'm in my 6th month and my skin is so clear) -taija
  4. @brazilianj, actually now that you mention it, after month one all the blackheads on my nose were gone. my derm was like, "well, theres no improvement but thats to be expected" and i was like, "thats what you think... i used to have all this gunk in my pores but now i dont anymore"
  5. what kind of exfoliation? cause i'm accutane and i use an exfoliating type scrub for my face all the time. in fact, i need it to get rid of the dead, flaky skin. nothing bad ever happened to me. AND Congrats on getting on accutane!! i hope your results are as good as mine! -taija
  6. being gay with acne is definitely difficult. girls used to give me the slip cause of it. its different in college, though. the girls here honestly couldn't care less about acne hangin out on my face. they just think i'm cute and "endearing." my lil bro just turned 15 and is starting to get bad acne, too. i said, "hey lil bro, would you ever wanna go to a dermatologist like i do?" and he said, "why would i? girls still like me(:" haa! true story. i love that kid. -taija
  7. my derm says, "oil is made so deep in the skin, you can't wash it away. it doesn't work like that." i guess what happens is when you wash your face too much, your skin gets dry and reacts by making even more oil. i wash my face about 3-4 times a day. 1) i wash it when i wake up in the morning. thats important. i use A LOT of moisturizer after. 2) after i've been walking on campus all day, my face gets oily and i sweat b/c my campus is one giant steep hill! i can't help but wash all that oil a
  8. I use olay. i switch between the kind for sensitive skin with aloe... and the moisture balancing one with vitamin e. they keep my skin really moisturized (which is hard cause i'm in month 5 of accutane, but yeah, they do the trick)
  9. no offense to the person who suggested antibiotics, but those are definitely cysts and will not go away with antibiotics. even accutane cant cure cysts. i show my derm the one i had on my cheek, and she said that someday i can talk to s surgeon about getting it removed. (personally, when it swells up again, i'm gonna lance the thing! heh heh heh)
  10. i agree. i think you could really benefit from accutane. i've been on it for 5 months (with one more month to go) and i love the way my skin is right now. i've heard the horror stories, too, but honestly... i never had any of those crazy side effect ive heard about. some ppl do. some ppl don't. i also recommend talking to a dermatologist. plus, if you do decide you want accutane, and you start to have a side effect you don't think is worth it, you can always stop taking it at any time. but reall
  11. i didnt know you could bring cystic acne to a head to being with. huh, i guess i just thought that was one of the characteristics that made it cystic- usually large, swollen, sore spots under the skin. they mostly stay under the skin until you drain them your own self. the reason you have to drain em your own self is cause they dont get heads. one thing i do to to bring puss to the surface of the skin is i'll take a Q-tip, run it under hot water, and put it on the pimple. kinda stings but heat i
  12. see, i thought it was hyperpigmentation at first, too. but i also noticed that in the second picture, theres small depressions in the skin, which is more than just discoloration. if theres like... small dips in the skin like it looks like there is, then yeah, i would definitely say its scarring. -taija
  13. i have a few of those, too. they just stay under my skin and most of the time don't do much of anything.... but every once in really really long time, its like a sneak attack. i have this one that likes to turn into a cyst. you cant really pop it because it doesnt get a white head or anything like that. instead, it just feels like theres a little bump of something sitting underneath the skin. from what i can see, and from what i've heard. i'd say it might be a cyst. i know it sounds weird, but
  14. my derm said that the oil that causes acne forms so deep in the skin that it takes 2 months for a pimple to form. i mean.... i believe her. she went to school for mad long to do what she does.