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  1. Thanks! the weird thing is that I have used these pads for years problem free. I am a drinker and am wondering if that is the cause or if I should try something without alcohol. BP doesnt work for me just causes irritation. Salicylic acid is the best.
  2. Hey guys, I have pretty much cleared my acne but am still getting a few bumps here and there. The thing is they are weird lumps that sometimes itch and are slightly inflamed but they never come to a head. If i leave them alone they go away in a 3-4 days, but they seem to appear weekly. So, I always seem to have them. If I pop them only clear fluid comes out. If i Leave them alone the clear fluid comes to the surface, hardens, and then flakes off. I am using oxy pads which I have used forever. Iv
  3. Thanks guys! I actually am using natures place soap b/c it is ph balanced and good for super sensitive skin. I posted in another thread about a transition product. I started using organic apple cider vinegar for about a week. It made me break out a bit but i think it ultimately helped pull out all the plugs and balance my skin a bit. I switched to the soap because I think it was a little much and burned my skin a bit. As of right now my skin is doing well. I have a few zits put they literally co
  4. So, in just 3 days since using apple cider vinegar(ACV) my skin is doing much better. I have gotten a few whiteheads but I think its just my skin purging a bit. They will come and go within a day and if I pop them them and apply the cider vinegar they last for about a day as well. Im hoping, as I suspected before, my face just needs something to help ease the process of going from salicylic acid to water. I still believe even though I weaned my face off salicylic acid, which I applied everyday
  5. Hey guys, So, I made a post about this and have been doing some research on other boards. I came to this conclusion. This whole water only is a process and will probably only work for those who dont have sever acne. Which most likely a majority of people don't have. If you are using bp or salicylic acid you have to slowly wean yourself off. This could be a several month processand is necessary because your skin is basically addicted to these products. If you stop cold turkey you will break out w
  6. Thanks Ashley Nicole. Salicylic acid basically unclogs pores and changes the rate at which your skin regenerates and sheds dead skin cells. After a lot of research and self experimentation if you stop using it your pores become clogged. Just imagine, I have been using it 3 times a day for probably 6 years. I have tried to come off of it cold turkey many times but this resulted in huge breakouts. This time I weaned myself off. My skin must be severely addicted. I dont like the idea of having to
  7. I just feel as though using these products three times a day everyday has made my skin become addicted. I never had a bad acne problem before I used them. Just a few zits. The problems only started once I used these products and tried to stop. I would rather deal with a few zits popping up here and there then being tied down to a regimen and still breaking out. Im just trying tobreak the cycle and see if anyone feels similarly.
  8. I know this isn't what you really wanted to hear, but if you break out after stopping all your medicine, maybe you haven't outgrown your acne yet. My dad had acne until his late 20's so I know I'm probably gonna be stuck on topical and antibiotics until at least then :( But look at it this way, people with oily skin age slower. So when you do finally outgrow your acne you will look great while all those people who never had a zit in their life are in the process of getting wrinkly and old loo
  9. Hi guys, So, here's the story. I have been using salicylic acid leave on pads or lotions since high school, and have had relatively clear skin until recently. I have also used bp. I am 25 and have developed cystic acne. I have tried to wean myself off salicylic acid before because all these products are skin addictive and the chemicals are bad. I mean why use them if im breaking out anyway. Every time I stopped using topicals BAM massive flare ups. I think this is because I didn't wean off of t
  10. Hi guys, I need some advice. I stopped using all topicals, bp salicylic acid, because I feel as though I have outgrown acne, they create a skin addiction, and are bad chemicals. I am 25. I went a month with washing my face with water only to try and restore it to some balance. Also I weaned off the topicals for about a month prior. While washing my face with water only my forehead became bumpy, and my skin was definitely very oily. I woke up after completing a month of no products with 4 horrib
  11. Hey guys, I have relatively good skin. Although I do break out in the occasional cyst. I am now 25 and have been using oxy pads since I was 15. I use them 3 times a day. I never had bad skin growing up, and began using the product because I was afraid of getting acne and basically fell pray to the advertisements. I have tried to wean myself off the product because I feel as though my skin is addicted to it, and I don't like the idea of having to use oxy pads for the rest of my life. Every time I
  12. Hi guys, Im new to this site and am looking for some help/recommendations. Here's the back story. I am 25, male, and have developed cysts over the last year. I have been using oxy 2% pads since high school and my skin was perfect...I actually got compliments. As many of you know once you use salicylic acid your skin becomes basically addicted to it and once you stop your pores clog up. I didn't like the idea of having to use something for the rest of my life even though I may have outgrown acn