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  1. Hi guys, I've been suffering from acne for a while and its been only about 2 years or so that I've managed to stay clear by watching my diet and taking certain supplements but with that being said, I still have nasty scars that remind me of the horrors of having acne through teenage years. . I'm currently in the process of creating my start up which focuses on producing products centered around treating acne from inside out. I am in the early stages of having everything formulated and lab
  2. Well I bought some concenetrated tea tree oil that I am applying to it. The thing that upsets me the most is this is the first time in a very long time that I got a pimple of this severity, I think I go months at a time without new break outs. I'm hoping that it will reduce in size over the next few days and not leave a scar.
  3. can anyone recommend any good doctors? Dr. Miller in NYC charges $3000 for the treatment which he calls collagen induced theraphy, which is ridiculous. It was recommended to me to use a 3.0mm roller and quite frankly I'll rather leave this in the hands of a professional. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Not to change the topic, but something tells me that micro needling in the hands of a professional may yield some results for scarring.
  5. Anyone had Dermarolling done by Dr. Phillip Miller in NYC? any exprience dealing with him?
  6. Well I wouldn't say I'm really watching my diet, I'm actually working towards gaining mass (means eating clean for the most part) so either maybe i'm not eating enough or that I am overwhelming my body with stress and as a result it is accelerating the aging process via free radical production and oxditive stress and as a result I am experiencing sagging skin and loss of collagen, but I just don't know if this would hold true for somoene my age (24). I can try to stop working out for 3 days or s
  7. I've been noticing that my face has been losing volume, I don't know if it's from the intese gym sessions, caffeine usage (coffee and caffeine pills before working out) genetics or loss of collagen, It's not super noticable unless you are in harsh lighting but my face has been losing volume and I'm very disappointed especially at 24 years old. What can be done to reverse this I am using RETINA A 0.01% and it seems to be helping somewhat and also I'm using vitmain c serum. Funny part is that it's
  8. Anyone? I am looking at a Doc in West Islip NY by the name of Joshua Fox, seems to know what he's talking about in regards to scar treatments. Also, can I use a copper peptide product on the scar tissue few months after or is it useless?
  9. Who are some good plastic surgeons that specialise in scar treatments, especially the kind I have right now? in the tristate area.
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    I propose we start some kind of fund where everyone chips in and pay for someone to go the process and report back with results on daily basis. If 200 people on this forum were to contribute $20, that would bring the total to $4000 and I think that's enough for the procedure. What do guys think?
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    I am reserving some hope for Laviv and considering going through the process soon enough.
  12. I posted some pics on realself and this is what I got, not sure which to follow: "A single deep acne scar may best be treated with simple excision. If a residual scar is left from the excision, laser scar revision may be able to blend the surgical scar. I would recommend extensive subcision and Fraxel Repair laser for the rest of this patient's scars. Some fillers may also be necessary to achieve the best results." The large deep scars could be undercut ["subscission"] for example