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  1. Ok so I FINALLY have an update! My insurance has denied my PA for Accutane as I have not yet tried an oral antibiotic. They are requesting that I try this for a mth before they will allow me to get Accutane I guess they don't count all of the other crap I've tried or how much time and $$$ I have spent on my face! Anyway , the derm sent over a prescription for Tetracycline in which I will have to take 2x's a day on an empty stomach. I am really not happy about this as antibiotics frequently
  2. See my gallery. I have posted some "Before Accutane"pics. All those spots are scars from deep, painful, annoying cysts. You can't see too much indentation from the lighting, they mostly appear red in these pics , but just as deep as the cyst is, the scar remains. Sux
  3. In between breakouts, I had a couple Affirm treatments. Not sure if this is the same procedure. I think it is more of a skin rejuvenation laser although it has an amazing impact on acne scars. I only did 2 treatments and microdermabrasions in between , but I saw some good results. I recall my face having red marks for a day or so after treatment. I did it on a weekend so it didnt bother me as the red disappeared by Monday. Since I am still battling acne , they have put these treatments on hold f
  4. Hi! I haven't started Accutane yet but I went to the derm yesterday and asked lots and lots of questions! lol I recall him saying that the medicine will continue to work even after you are done with ur prescription. He also mentioned that it remains in ur system for 24 days or so after taking the pill. Seems that based on what Accutane is supposed to do , you should continue to see results for a couple more mths
  5. I saw these posts here about an egg white mask. I tried it. Loved it! It makes ur skin feel like 10x's better! I think it would be a good idea to do this at least 2xs a week. Clears ur pores , tightens ur skin and smooths it out. If you have a lot of redness, it clears this up! It's AMAZING!! To prepare the mask , I took an egg. Collected the whites only. Added a drop of Tea Tree Oil ( I heard others used lemon jc too) and applied a layer to my face. Left dry , then did a spot treatment on aff
  6. I hear ya! I am very envious of those with beautiful skin! I almost hate getting that close to people cuz I feel like they examining my skin and I wear my hair down most of the time in an attempt to hide my face I am embarrased by my acne! Being around people with clear skin makes me feel like an outcast! I will soon start Accutane so hopefully these feelings will dissapear along with all these freakin zits!
  7. Thats's who I have too. Anthem BCBS but NY. Althouh I am in Minnesota everything for the company is based on East coast. So I called again this morning and checked to see if doctor rcvd Authorization forms. They confirmed and everything was faxed to Anthem. Called them about 30min ago and they still don't have anything. As the doctor's office put "Urgent" on the forms , Anthem states they should be processed within 72 hrs and I will be notified of when I can get the prescription. Appears I wil
  8. Damn!! Soooo much crap to go through just to be acne free!! Glad you got it worked out!! I hope my situation resolves itself too !! Thanks for posting this! I feel alot better knowing that I am not alone in this
  9. Ok , so I was supposed to get Accutane today. Went to the derm @ 2:00p. Waited until 3:15 to FINALLY be seen! Got poked 3 times after not finding a vein! Left derm @ 4:00p. Came home , did Ipledge thing, got the OK to go pick up the precription to find out that my insurance needs a physician authorization to allow me to get Accutane. Called my doctor back , waited on hold for 15 min. Explained situation to person that answered phone. Put back on hold for 10 min. Then told by nurse that they will
  10. Hi All !! Today is Day 1 for me. I am picking up my prescription for Accutane this afternoon after my visit to dermatologist I am really looking forward to this!! Anyway , I have read in alot of the posts that most Accutane users prefer CeraVe for a moisterizer and I have seen alot on Eucerin products. I have a container of Vanicream that I may want to try instead of spending $$ on new stuff. Has anyone used this while taking Accutane for the dryness or does anyone know if it would be ok? Her
  11. So FINALLY ...It's Tuesday!! 3/9/10 !! I have my appt @ 2:30p to pick up Accutane! I am so excited!! Can't wait to see some results. I am so tired of lookin in the mirror and seeing all these zits! Hoping for the best and will continue posting. Have a nice day all!!
  12. I have been counting down the days to starting Accutane for weeks now! I go to the derm on Tuesday and I am sooo excited! I have seen some amazing results from some of the other members here and i am hoping that Accutane is the answer I have been searching for! I have had acne on and off for about 5 years. Recently over the past couple years it has worsened. I develop deep painful cysts and end up with scars Not only to mention I have spent a fortune on over the counter acne products that D
  13. I haven't tried the Clearasil but I have tried the Biore Blackhead Nose Strips. They are amazing! You can see all the crap that it pulls from your skin. I definetely recommend these
  14. That happened to me after using Proactive. I washed twice a day with the cleanser, applied toner, then moisterizer. It was great for a while. Cleared up my face really good , then after 6 months or so my skin started to really dry up. To try and prevent my skin from peeeling , I was applying more of the moisterizer and this just made it worse! Then came the oil!! While doing the Proactive , I literally had to blot my face like 3 times a day! It was so annoying I no longer use Proactive so I d
  15. ]I just came across the posts for natural acne regimens and decided to try the egg white mask. This is AMAZING! My skin feels so fresh and tighter! I feel like I just returned from the spa, literally. Well I am starting Accutane next week and would like to know if anyone has combined the two. I hear that Accutane dries your skin dramatically so I don't know if any other treatments are recommended while taking. Please let me know. Any input most appreciated
  16. GU3RIXX

    Before Pics

    3/2/10 Before Accutane = (
  17. Hi everyone! I am starting Accutane 3/9/10. I am really looking forward to seeing some good results. Appears a majority of people here have had a great experience! There is just one concern that I have. My derm is going to have me on a low dose for 10 months. Is it just me or does this seem like FOREVER? Most of the posts I have seen , it has just been a 4 or 6 mth ordeal. Is there anyone out there tht has heard of this or is my Derm insane??