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  1. Hey xgodx i wonder if that nizoral helping you fade your marks yet lol these mods are super smart (sarcasm)
  2. Lmfao anger management? Wow for a moderator you sure act like a young grammar school boy typing in that manner, is that the best you can say I need a eye doctor and anger management I don't see how you became a Mod on here. The only reason you keep coming back here is to show how much of a big shot you are? You need to get out more stop spending your time online all day. @Akl Ps stop focusing so much on me. I said what i had to say and your weak minded neurotic self keeps coming back here
  3. That was just a waste of money i will put 100 bucks that crap isn't going to work any bets?
  4. Who's acting like a Derm? I mean was that statement going to help the thread starter help his skin improve. your very comical but sorry i'm not going to be one of your kiss a** just because your a mod and think your rhetorical indirect was amusing. It's not like you helped me or gave me advice for my problem
  5. http://www.hairlosshelp.com/forums/message...;threadid=60921 we can go back and forth with this all day for some people it works while alot more others have allergic reaction but this is not something considered to exfoliate.. the poster of this thread has hyper-pigmentation with black heads all of those threads you have posted does not state anything about helping to exfoliate the skin to remove hyper-pigmentation and black heads. everything you posted was for head treatment. you seem to have
  6. Akl and that link you posted was a link for women it say's nothing about cream or shampoo to be lathered on a males body to exfoliate the skin lmao. lets be realistic here man and woman do not have the same chemistry if we did we would be growing boobs and having menstrual cramps and say you were correct why don't dermatologist prescribe Ketoconazole for acne unless the acne is induced by yeast? answer that to me?
  7. ok cool have a look at this http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9557251...mp;ordinalpos=3 Various substances of steroidal or nonsteroidal structure may serve as an alternative for the antiandrogenic treatment of acne. Compounds with antiandrogenic properties like cimetidine or ketoconazole are rarely administered for acne due to their weak effects. In contrast, spironolactone is an effective antiandrogen that shows good treatment effects in hirsutism and acne. Side effects occur frequently and
  8. Greentiger yes look it up Ketoconazole can make bacterial infection even worst then it is. I am a statistic of that happening to me . Dude I done it all and just like I stated just because it worked for you it might not work for the next person why take chances of having someone purchase a medicated shampoo not knowing if it works or not? That is why I brought the attention of purchasing head and shoulders because it has properties for bacterial and fungal but Ketoconazole doesn't please show
  9. Depending on the condition you have nizoral mainly works for fungus infection!!!!! it will do squat for bacterial *Moderator edit - see board rules*. Do you have a fungal infection it doesn't look it to me your skin condition reminds me of Proprionibacterium Acne or better yet acne necrotica miliaris Bring that shampoo back and get yourself Head and shoulder's intensive care with Selenium Sulfide 1% or 2% this has anti bacterial and fungal fighting properties Ketoconazole is only used for fu
  10. lol this is the saddest thread on this whole site