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  1. also i wanted to add that everyone that says washcloths only aggravate acne is lieing. i felt that wash cloths are the only things that completely exfoliate and are an essential part in helping me finnaly stay clear. i also find that most shaving creams dry out my skin so i use carly's smooth and clear natural soap to shave as well
  2. hey guys, been lurking since 07 here, battling acne since 03. i am now 20 years old my acne problem started when i was 14 but after all these years of using everything under the sun from dans regimen, to clean and clear, even proactive. nothing worked for me in the long run. a year ago i started carly's smooth and clear formula industrial strength. it worked but my skin was dull and lifeless or oily as a motherfuker, and the pimples were never completely gone. so i added in some of paulas choice