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  1. My skins still clear! Accutane is still working for me. I was really worried that I would break out after my accutane treatment but my skin has, if anything, gotten better. I'm really happy with it. Anyone taking accutane, KEEP WITH IT. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it sucks having acne, my acne was terrible and totally screwed my life for 5 years, but it seems that accutane has cleared it, and I'm sure it will for you.
  2. I've been don for over a week, and unfortunately, I can see my skin breaking out again. Im only getting small zits, and they really dont look that bad, hardly noticable but still it sucks breaking out so early after getting off. A week ago I had my last accutane dermatologist appointment and he said a second course ould definately be an option if I felt I needed it, so hopefully I can get on it again laer this summer. All in all, I'm really happy I did it. I dont think my skin will ever be as
  3. I think today is 126? I only have 7 pills left. My skin is looking good, the red marks have healed almost completely. I still get small zits, but they usually disappear after an hour or two. Haven't gotten a cyst since february. This feels awesome. I really can't describe the way I've changed. My confidence is so much higher. If your thinking of taking accutane, go for it. Everyone is different but here are some things I've learned. If your a guy, I wouldn't shave right before you have to
  4. bengalsfan13


    I think today is 124. My skin is looking really good. My red marks have faded well and I'm not getting any new nig zits. i'm still getting some small ones but they are tiny and come and go within hours. Everything is going well. Side effects are the same. Still have dry lips and thats about it.
  5. Im not even sure if people are reading this haha but if you are then I'm sorry i havent posted in a while. My skins been looking good, i've barely been breaking out at all and my post acne finally looks pretty much gone. I'm really loving accutane right now. Side effects arent too bad. my lips are still dry, but its not to bad. The only thing that really bothers me is how easily my face flushes. It gets red easily and looks bad, so I'm trying to stay out of the sun. Overall, things are goi
  6. damn im sorry accutane didnt work for you. ive heard good things about dr neals acne practice maybe you could look into that
  7. My skins looking pretty good. Still not great but im felling good about it for the first time in months. I still break out a little but not to bad, and the post acne red marks are finally healing and look so much better. My side effects are the same, dry lips, kind of dry skin. my hands get really dry and crack, which sucks. But overall not to bad. The only real problem I have right now is shaving. My beard grows fast, I have to shave every two or three days. But my skisn really sensitive,
  8. My skin looks just like that. I think you have some scarrign but its pretty mild. It will probably look alot better when the hyperpigmentation fades. I wouldn't sweat it dude. Even if there are permanent scars they look pretty shallow and could probably be easy to fix.
  9. Cysts can stay around for months. Whatever you do, don't mess with it, it will only make it worse. Idk if your student doctor will be able to drain your cyst or not, but there is no harm in going and asking. If not, I would suggest you schedule a dermatologist appointment in your home town the next time you go home.
  10. Ok so I think this is day 68 on accutane. Last friday I went to get my monthly check up. The doctor didnt really say anything just said that hes going to keep me at only 30 mgs, which is fine I guess. My skin is actually looking pretty good. The post acne redmarks are really fading quickly now and I havent broken out in 2 weeks. I have one small white head on my chin, and thats it. I'm really feeling good about my appearance for the first time in over 5 months. I saw a picture of myself from
  11. Hey, I just finished my second month on accutane and throughout the first month an a half or so my oiliness came and went to so thats nothing to be worried about I think.
  12. Sorry your having breakouts. Do you maybe sleep on the left side of your face? That could explain why your breaking out only in that area. I would try to sleep on your back or change your sheets often and see if that helps. As for the current breakout, Idk everyone is different. Ice doesn't work to well for me either. I usually just take long hot showers and let them take care of themselves. If your only breaking out in one part of your face, I wouldn't sweat it I'm sure it doesnt look to bad.
  13. Day 57. It was a little foolish for me to claim my skin was looking so much better because of the proactiv. Initially, my post acne redness did look a lot better, but its kind of reversed itself? Idk. But it does look a little better and I can tell its healing. My skin is looking ok. Still have the redmarks, and I'm still breaking out on about a weekly basis, but the breakouts are really mild. On a positive note, the blackheads on my face are nearly gone. Its amazing seeing my nose nto infest
  14. Yea it does. My dad had severe acne as a kid, my mom had mild. I have moderate to severe. My sisters had mild to moderate. Acne is realted to genes.