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  1. I met with a reputable doctor today in downtown Chicago. He recommended the following procedures for my skin: 1. Fat Graft (he mentioned stem cell but didnt elaborate on it) 2. Active fx The procedures will be done under anestesia. This will be costing me around 6,000 dollars. I requested deep fx but the doctor insisted my skin color is too dark and there will be a high chance of hypopigmentation. Has anyone experienced fat graft with stem cells? How were the results? I will be m
  2. 2 days post dermaroll and your able to go outside? thats impressive
  3. How much did Dr. Shah charge for the dermaroll? Also isnt 3mm needle to long for a dermaroll? i thought 1.5 is used for best results. I had tca cross in chicago from dr. mandrea in the lincoln park area. it was very inexpensive he charges about 150 for tca depending on how many scars you have
  4. Has anyone ever had cysts occur the spots of subcision was done? I have two cysts spots on my face where my scars used to be.
  5. i was not provided a sheet with after care instructions but i did ask all those questions to the doctor. I still like hearing other peoples opinions and do my own research. My doctor answered it by this: 1. ice it for the first day 2. Dont have to massage the subcision spots 3. 4 weeks in if the spots get hard then start to massage it 4. stay out of the sun. i have researched other opinions and would like to hear what other would have to say from their experience
  6. -I had TCA cross done Thursday June 30th for my icepicks scars, -Then had subcision done the next morning Friday July 1st 2011 for my box scars and depressed scars. -I have been off of accutane since January 1st 2011. For the long holiday weekend i was able to get into the doctors office to take care of my scars. I have previously done tca cross 3 x many years back with pretty good results. The cysts kept continuing so new scars appeared. The tca treatment went smooth as normal. The proce
  7. How long should you wait after accutane to do 100% TCA cross and 1.5 mm derma roll? I have been off accutane since January 1st 2011 and would like to do those treatments. Do you think i can start those treatments?
  8. i am indian and i did have tca cross. i had to post pone the treatments due to my skin breaking out in cysts. My doctor prescribed me with accutane and now i am 1 month off accutane. after my 5 months pass i will continue doing tca cros because it did work. it really helped alot. there are treatments for indian skin. i dont know why you guys are saying there is no hope?
  9. Hey guys, I have been off accutane for about a week. My acne has cleared about 95%. I say 95% because i still get a hard spot here n there but nothing that is that significant. i did a total of 5 months of accutane. I weigh 180 pounds. The PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT calculated the low end range of 9,800 and upper end of 12,000. I fell in between the range at 10,800... Do you guys think thats enough? i want to make sure because the DOCTOR not physician assistant told me for me to be on the acc
  10. that is really interesting i did not know i could have used that. and i do my reading on acne.org too. i wish u good luck with ur accutane. im somewhere in my first week in month 4. and i currently have 3 hard spots in my skin in past 2 weeks, u cant see em but they are there, i jus been lazy to get em injected but i will soon. so far im very very very very very happy about my results so far to be honest with u about accutane i regret one thing. i wish i did this years ago.
  11. pretty cool video.. so that means the 90 mj is the best to make skin tighter?
  12. 1800 is really good! where are you from? what city is the doctor located? do you have a website?
  13. Finished 3 months.. Starting my Month 4 my scars look bad, does anyone know how soon after accutane can you start using retin-a ? skin is OKAY, not yet perfect... currently i have 2 small hard spots, and 1 big hard cyst under my skin... my cysts do not come out and are seen to naked eye but u can feel how big they are when u touch them. but i still want them all gone. i dont want to feel anything on my face when i touch it. i will be going to go in for more cortisone shots this weekend. i c
  14. that looks good man idk how you dont see the improvement right away
  15. good video. just like how my doctor did for me