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  1. Cetaphil for mouisterizer, Aquaphor, and Eucerin for body lotion. My routine for the last 6 months. Also, look up Emu oil. Its the shiznit.
  2. You reallly need to take care of that. I have real dry lips on month 6 but I have used aquaphor alll throughout the course and it has made wonders. I probably put some on once every hour and its fine. My derm told me, once your lips start to crack and bleed, it will be hell the rest of the course because it takes a little bit to get back to normal. Im not trying to scare you but you should try aquaphor if you haven't already.
  3. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash...7_2561587_n.jpg Ok well Im on 40mg twice a day and Im on a 5 month course and it is supposed to end in 5 days i think. My derm said I could go another month if I felt like it. This picture was like 2 weeks ago. It still looks similar except the red marks are still fading. Do you guys think that in the next month it should be all clear and about the scars, will those fade away this month or nott.
  4. I haven't had any hair loss or anything of the sort either. Im on month 5
  5. Thanks Pimpstick and I don't think my dose is too low. Im on 40 mg twice a day and I way 150 lbs
  6. Well can you give me some examples of foods that are fatty but sort of healthy that I can take my pill with in the morning. I can never think of good stuff. And Im still open for answers to my original question. Im thinking that too much lotion on my face may be bad. Should I let it be sort of dry to dry up the acne or what?
  7. Ok so Im on month 4 now of accutane and Im still getting bad breakouts. It is so frustrating. Im just wondering if Im doing anything wrong. I usually wake up around 7, take my pill with a poptart and milk and do the same around 10 o clock but usually with more food than that. And with mousterizing, I use a lot of cetaphil lotion every morning and night after i take a shower. I mean I put a good amount on, can I be using too much. Then at night, I put emu oil on my face after I put on the cetaphi
  8. Im in the same boat as you man. I just began month 4 and am still getting breakouts. The thing is, my skin will look good when I go to the derm and then it breaks out again. Its realll annoying. She said this month I will see a lottt of improvement. Im hoping shes correct.
  9. Well Im on accutane and my face has its good and bad days. It seems like every time it gets better, something happens and it goes downhill. I think it may be contributed to my work. Im 16 and go to work like 3 or 4 days a week. Could working there worsen the acne. Like the grease in the air? I make sure I don't touch my face but yeah what about just being there?
  10. Yeah I got them around the same time and they lasted for quite a while but just put lotion on them and they will get better a lot sooner. I was too lazy to put it on there so it lasted on me longer. Its normal
  11. Well just talk it over and say that you looked it up online and have seen that accutane works miracles and you want to give it a try. Tell them that you know about the side effects but it is better than having acne. He should agree with you.
  12. By the way something that will help the redness a little in the morning. Before you get out, make rinse your face off for like 10 seconds with like freezing cold water. You'll get out and it will be hardly red at all. It will last like that for a few hours, at least that is how it is for me.
  13. Her acne may not look bad in the picture because pictures aren't the same as real life. Her acne is mild but may be a little worse in real life.
  14. Ok so im on month 3 and yeah everybodys lips get dry during accutane but whenever I eat lunch like at school, its like my lips get extremely dry and they look all flaky and yeah it sucks. I have to put aquaphor on like right after I eat during lunch which I don't really like doing. Its like the food and the drinks take off any mouisterizer on my lips. Is it like this for anybody else.
  15. Yeah me too. My nose was filled with them and so was my chin and they were gone before i could even notice.