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  1. Does it itch?? Yeah, they can. What does that mean?
  2. They fade within a couple hours. I feel like acne tends to form in that area afterwards though.
  3. Whenever I shower I get some red blotches on my body that sometimes have a bump in the middle. I don't know if these are hives or rashes or what. And it doesn't matter if I use soap/shampoo or not. The problem is I get the same thing on my face if I wash my face in the shower and is probably contributing to my acne. Does anyone know could be causing this?
  4. Thanks for the input I'm considering doing the full regimen. I'm trying to take a minimax approach to my acne problem. I'm including all the steps that are less likely to produce side effects first. I'm using fresh pillow cases, not touching my face, avoiding hot showers, and only washing my face with distilled water and cetaphil for now.
  5. It was 10% bp. The other thing is he didn't do a good job of recommending soap and lotion products. He said they should be gentle cleansing and non-comedogenic. I was sort of left on my own to figure that one out.
  6. This was years ago and I was on the regimen for about 6 months. The redness and peeling was worse than the acne though I can't imagine living with that for years until it subsides.
  7. My doctor had put me on a regimen similar to this one. A gentle cleanser, BP, moisturizer, and anti-biotics. He said most of the work was done by the cleanser and BP. I had some success but I couldn't stand the skin redness and peeling. I realize BP is the cornerstone of the regime but it also has the greatest side effects. Has anyone tried using the regimen without BP?
  8. Thanks for the replies. It wasn't nearly as bad until I started shaving. I'm thinking the shaving cream might be throwing off my skin pH.
  9. I think it could be. The thing is, it seems to get better and worse after shaving, but doesn't really form into pustules or anything. I'm referring to the pigmented areas. I know the craters are scars.