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  1. I'm pretty sure it's just sesame oil, sea buckthorn oil, and essential oils. You're right, it is a massage oil. I used as an all-over moisturizer bathing and loved how nice my skin felt afterwards. I didn't use it on my face, though come to think of it, I'm not sure why. I do regularly moisturize my face with oils (a mix of olive and castor) and they work well for me. I would definitely use the Weleda oil again except that the other oils I use are so much cheaper. Sorry not to be more help
  2. Hey LiliVG, I was just wondering if this has helped you gain weight. I've been trying to gain weight, too, with little success. I eat a lot of protein and fat, and pretty limited carbs (the latter for skin health). But I only eat when I am hungry, which varies from day to day. I've also noticed that my hunger varies with my cycle. If I'm not hungry, I'm really not that interested in eating. I've occasionally snacked from boredom, but it's rare for me. However, if it will help me gain weig
  3. Weleda makes a body oil which has sea buckthorn in it, if I remember correctly. I've used it, although not on my face. I thought it did help with some acne on my back. Smelled great, too. I would use it again if it were a little cheaper. I know there are some soaps out there, too -- Face Doctor, maybe? -- but I've never tried them.
  4. Garden of Life products are really good and I bet you'll feel a difference after using them for a while. Celiacs doesn't seem jump out at me, but the leaky gut does sound right. I kind of suspect that in myself, and shouldn't really be surprised: I used ibuprofen monthly for more than 10 years, had 2 years of antibiotics for acne, a go with cipro for a kidney infection, plus cortisone shots for poison ivy when I was a kid. My mom is super healthy and fed us great, organic foods with good fats
  5. I have a lot of gas after every meal and it has a pretty offensive smell. I don't have any pain though. What is a true diarrhea like? Loose stools would probably describe it better... It's not watery, it's just...not the right thing. Well, that does sound a little more suspect. It's definitely good that you are having no pain, but the gas is no fun. I wonder if you are just having some general digestive difficulties. Digestive enzymes and probiotics could be useful. If you try probiotic
  6. Yeah, I wonder about this, too. My husband gets a pimple once in a blue moon, ALWAYS picks it, and it is completely gone in 2 days without a mark. I am the complete opposite. Everything always leaves a mark, and even when a lesion is drained and flat, the scab still takes ages to disappear. I did notice an improvement in healing time when I was taking MSM, which I just started doing again (also good for hair, nails, and the digestive tract). I'm now taking zinc. We'll see what kind of effe
  7. This is a delightful topic . I do actually pay attention and have for a long time, but I'm not sure I know ya'll well enough to share the details. Or something. hesitation, I wonder if what you are experiencing loose stools rather than true diarrhea. Do you have any abdominal pain and/or gas or gas-type pain during? If not, it sounds pretty normal to me, especially given a heavily vegetable-based diet. I've seen several episodes of You Are What You Eat, and she makes some good points. I'm
  8. I have taken probiotics and digestive enzymes over long periods of time and have always found them helpful. I never experienced an IB. I took PB8 probiotics but now take Jarrow Formula because they are enteric coated. I was taking Source Naturals digestive enzymes, but I switched to Betaine HCl plus Medizym's systemic enzymes. Garden of Life has a great reputation. I would just follow their dosage recommendations. It won't hurt to start out slow.
  9. I LOVE venison, and that sounds exactly like the divine dinner I had at the Ritz years ago when we took my grandmother for a birthday dinner. I think you win the most delicious meal of the day. Yes, I know dates are high GI. Mine are Persian dates which are even sweeter than Tunisian dates -- they're like candy, and I am totally addicted. Good advice about adding protein/fat when eating them. My only problem with eating larger snacks is that I'm not usually hungry enough for them. But I'
  10. I think this is probably what I will do. Perhaps I could squeeze 2 snacks in. I love to eat, but as AdamDolce said, I get annoyed if I have to think about it all the time. We're pretty skinny in my family, and it has always been difficult for me to gain weight but easy to lose it. One day of the flu leaves me looking skeletal, and stress will kill my appetite totally. I gained 40 pounds when I was pregnant with my twins but it was all gone in about 3 months with almost no exercise (other th
  11. I do eat any and all things coconut. I can't always find them, though, and I have to conserve my coconut oil since Italians still think it will kill you. My tub of it comes from the States. I do take 3 grams of colostrum per day. Lean muscle is great, and I am in pretty good shape from yoga and running after my girls. I don't want to bulk up per se -- I really do want more actual fat on my body. Although I know weight training is also important for preventing bone loss. I'll see if
  12. You guys are totally helpful and great and I am very sorry to say that it is now officially past my bedtime and I have to sleep! But I will be checking again first thing tomorrow morning (when most of you will be asleep). I definitely appreciate all opinions so far.
  13. Okay, very good questions. I don't actually know how many calories per day I consume. I eat when I am hungry (except dinner, which we all eat together at 7.30) and have never paid much attention to calorie counting before. Here is what I ate tday: Breakfast: left-over coconut chicken curry with sauteed asparagus, carrots, and rice (there was enough to fill 2 soup bowls) Lunch: wasn't hugely hungry, so I ate some sheep cheese, dates and pistachio nuts Snack: green veggie juice plus more d
  14. I've used zinc oxide cream (Weleda's diaper ointment!) on my face many a time and have found it very calming and soothing for inflammation. I sometimes use it instead of other moisturizers at night if my skin feels inflamed.
  15. So I'm a longtime lurker but a new member. I had been clear for 2 years due to diet but cheated heavily over the summer and unfortunately developed cystic acne, something I had never had before. I am still working on clearing that with diet, and though it is slow going I am almost there. Some background: 31 year old female, mother of 4 year old twins I am 5'5" and weigh 110 on a good day (but probably more like 106-107) I eat a lot of fat (meat, goat and sheep dairy, eggs, salmon (fresh and c