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  1. I change my sheets once a month or if I'm hoping/expecting to score I change them just before, can't imagine there being a bigger turn-off for a girl than sheets that smell unclean, then if I do score, I usually change them afterwards too, so theres no arguments over who sleeps over the damp patch Changing my sheets once a month is not slobbish, I'm extremely busy and have better/more important things to do with my time than wash sheets.
  2. Well, it could be the dextrose that has been breaking me out, but Iv always included it mixed with whey protein after training to replenish glycogen stores but I no longer include it on keto diet because its carbs, instead I have 50g of whey protein and a spoonful of peanut butter (for the fats) If you want to get totally shredded, you can't beat the keto diet in my opinion, it takes alot of discipline at first but after the second week I hardly missed carbs, by the third I didnt miss them atal
  3. Thats a very valid point and something I will be considering when the time comes to add carbs to my diet once more. As a bit of a "health freak" as some of my co-workers call me, I like to think that my diet is super clean 90% of the time and alot of of my carbs do come from low GI sources such as oats, brown rice, granary bread etc but also from some clean but high GI sources such as milk or fruit, also..ahem.. 60g of dextrose after training but thats there for a reason. I eat in very big por
  4. I'v been following a Ketosis diet for the past 8 weeks as part of my weight training programme to help me cut fat. Apart from the fat loss which is the intended purpose of the diet it has also had the nice side effect of clearing up my skin 100%, just thought Id put that out there, it really has helped loads, but I suspect that the acne will return when I go back on carbs (for those who don't know, keto diets involve eating fat, protein, but little or no carbohydrates) so it may be only temporar
  5. I love the stuff, next best thing to the DK moisturisier IMO
  6. I havnt read the full thread so this might have been said already.... But I think there is a good chance that anything containing caffeine may aggrivate acne, it is a stimulant, and stimulants can cause the skin to produce more sebum than it actually needs. (just ask anyone who has used ephedrine) O,k caffeine is a considerably milder stimulant than ephedrine, but its still a stimulant.
  7. So then guys, I need some advice RE: Natural testosterone boosters. I'v been training for about 2 years, in that time I have made a respectable amount of progress for someone who trains naturally, but lately my progress has slowed right down, I havn't added any lean muscle mass for atleast two months and my lifts have not progressed either, I feel I'm really falling out of love with my weight training, I just don't seem to be making progress lately. To top it off Im sick to death of going to the
  8. Eminem/lil wayne -Drop The world Emenem/Lil wayne- No Love Eminem- Beautiful Eminem- Till I colapse Trapt- Headstrong Roy Jones JR- Can't be touched Limp Bizkit- Eat You Alive Limp Bizkit- Break stuff Put these on repeat on my ipod, then go smash up the gym Angsty teenager music, but it does the job.
  9. I love recieving compliments, doesn't happen often though Although, last week a girl at the office in work "jokingly" asked if I was using steroids, I pretended to be offended by such an accusation but secretly I loved it, I could barely conceal the cheesy grin which involuntarily appeared on my face. Means I'm doing something right at the gym anyway, nice to get it noticed sometimes
  10. Get some ice on it ASAP, it will take down the swelling. don't squeeze or pick at it though as tempting as it can be!
  11. Damn man you got more guts than me good luck to you. I too was in the same situation as you and i told her I couldn't come see her for tht reason and she told me she didn't care but I of course did and still declined. Well she moved on and got married and no longer talk at all. She too had perfect skin and I had the same voice in my head as well. Let us know how it goes!! Thanks man. Sometimes its just easier to avoid situations that don't feel good so I can understand why you didnt go
  12. I do try hard to not let acne knock my confidence with girls but its hard sometimes, recently Iv been chatting to my ex girlfriend on facebook alot r and she wants to meet up, the thing is, she hasnt seen me in real life for 2 years so I keep putting it off because I want to fix my skin first, I don't want her seeing me like this with all red marks and zits on my chin LOL especially as she looks so beautiful in her facebook pics, sometimes I think shes out of my league now because of this, but w
  13. I'm a sunbed junkie lol, we had a sunbed installed at the gym in the summer so I started using it to get a bit of colour, now I can't stop, I use it atleast once a week, it keeps the winter blues away, and if I'm not tanned I don't go "pale" or "white" I turn a horrible grey/sallow colour and look quite ill. I'll be as wrinkly as a prune by the time I'm 40 at this rate (if I make it to 40)
  14. Are you sure its the moisturiser thats irritating your skin? Surely it would be the BP gel. Personally I found Dans moisturiser to be perfect, I refuse to pay the shipping to import it though. Now I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser, it seems to be the best available in the UK for oily/acne prone skin EDIT: Also, I have been reading alot of posts on here lately, people seem to rate cetaphil moisturiser very highly, although I havn't tried it, it seems like a good alternative