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  1. Of course! What I do every night before bed is wash my face with warm water and cetaphil, then I dry it only a little abrasively with a washcloth to loosen up any dead skin cells which makes the toner more effective. Then I apply the toner with cotton balls, rubbing it all over my face, and finally, I rinse with cooler water and gently pat dry my face with the washcloth. I wait until my face is dry before applying the lotion, and it usually only needs 2 or 3 pumps. I don't use the toner in the m
  2. For any girl out there with persistent, aggressive acne, anywhere from mild to severe, hormonal treatments can literally save your skin, and your life. I have had the most horrendous skin for over 10 years, with large inflamed pustules mostly on my cheeks and around my chin although my forehead was also a culprit at times. When minocyclin, tetracyclin, countless benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid skin treatments, skin id, proactive, scalp treatments (for dermatitis ???), acne "diets", candida t