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  1. How long does it take to see results? I just got a bottle of FOTE 100% aloe gel. The cyst on my nose is flattening out now that I'm on my second course of antibiotics but it's so purple/red. I've been looking like Rudolf since Christmas.
  2. Argh crap. I don't want to hear that. :wall: My doctor actually told me to use Polysporin on it and I think that's actually clogging my pores more and it's still just as red.
  3. Was on Mino on and off for close to a year back in my late teens. It worked for me with little side effects. However, it is not a cure. If it works for you, you have to be using topicals during it to prep your skin for when you go off it. All it really does is buy you some time for your skin to heal. You really need topicals or other supplementary programs while on Mino since once you get off the Mino your skin will break out again.
  4. Had a major cyst back in Dec on my nose. It has been lanced and drained like 3 times. But everytime it scalps over, a hard bump remains as if there's still a clog underneath and it stays red. I already did a course of antibiotics and it looks the same. Actually, the bump got slightly bigger after the antibiotics. Throughout this period I've been using BP. Just added RetinA to the mix in the past two weeks. Does it mean I still have inflammation and pus building up under my skin? I took a sterili
  5. Had one the size of a dime since December. Totally ruined Christmas and New Years as it hurt like hell cuz my glasses' nose pad was rubbing against it. And it's still on my nose, though not as swallon since I got retarded and decided to lance it. Squeezed a crap load of blood and clear liquid out. But it's still a hard bump and red like the flames of hell. Would antibiotics do anything since it's been 2 months since the outbreak? Retin A just makes it redder. I was hoping it would help make the
  6. Ok, this is freaking me out. When I was in my teens, I had pretty inflammatory acne. But once they popped and drained, the marks will fade. Even huge ones the size of a quarter on my forehead. But now, virtually none of my marks are fading. I usually get hard bumps on my face. I'd wash my face and put BP on it and usually it'll disappear. But few nasty ones stay hard and the hardness won't go away for at least a week. They're not too big though. But I never get a white center in them. When i
  7. Everywhere I've looked, including this site, says red marks left over from previous acne should fade in 4 to 6 months. But I have red marks back from the end of April on my nose and it's still there. And I have marks from last year on my cheek and it's still redish. They're not scars I don't think as it's smooth and there's no pit. I find that if my zits get inflammed with a white sac and I extract the pus it actually heals up nicer. But I haven't had a full blown pussy zit since I started us
  8. I've read here that fresh squeezed lemon juice is better than concentrate. What basis do people have for saying this? And if so, when I put a semi-used lemon in the fridge, would that decrease its effectiveness? How long before does it become useless like concentrate? Thanks in advance.
  9. So how often would I have to use this honey mask? Daily? Weekly? And what is it good for? Prevention of acne? Scars? Blockiness? Could you please elaborate?
  10. I've only used three toners before, Nivea's, Clinque's, and Proactive's. Nivea's(the liquid was pink) I didn't like at all since it made my face all shiny and had this residue feeling on my face after. Clinque's #2 toner was ok, it got rid of the dirt and oil but I suspect it has alcohol in it and it made part of my nose more oily afterwards. Plus it's expensive too. But it did deflake my face fairly well which is good for the dead of winter. Proactive is the one I'm currently using. It
  11. Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences everyone. They're much appreciated. Keep'em coming.
  12. Yeah, I can totally relate to this. It took me the longest time to establish eye contact with people when I talk. It's really only within the past year or so that I've made a note mentally of locking eyes with others when I converse with them. I still lapse into my old self once in a while but at least I don't stare at my feet constantly like I'm walking a tight rope. LOL. It might sound cliche but you do build rapport much faster if you use eye contact. I know it's hard cuz I had to really pu
  13. Well, slowly I've dug myself into a hole and now I have no idea how to get out of it. People always say you should not focus on your looks, just let your personality shine through but my problem is my personality is flawed and hollow... All through my life I've never stayed in a place for too long. It seems everytime I put some roots down, fate would have me uprooted and move to a different place. After awhile I think I've developed some issues with fear of abandonment and become an introvert
  14. Rock hard pimple? Me thinks you're over doing it. The only time now I ever get rock hard pimples is when I'm not exfoliating properly. Basically your skin is so dry and scaly that when your pours gets over active the oil gets trapped since your skin is so dry. Try washing with hot water to open your pours. The try using a toner with glycolic acid in it. Just dab the area with the toner then use BP. Wait for it to dry and then use moisturizer on top. Over drying your face will kill it. I would
  15. For me yes. Mino > Tetra. Tetra did absolutely nothing for me. According to my doc, Mino is the best kind of antibiotic to use on acne. Either your doc is thinking he wants to have mino as the fall back or he just wants you to do another visit...