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  1. Im looking to start the regimen up again after leaving it a couple of days to go back to normal after it going really dry from the cleanser i was using. Ive just ordered the jojoba oil which will be here in 2 days. All im missing is a gentle cleanser that wont irritate or dry out my skin. Ive found one but it isnt available in the UK. Any suggestions on a good cleanser for the regimen
  2. The two ive been looking at are the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash and the Olay Foaming Face Wash, whether there suitable im not sure. Still looking for moisturisers Thanks for the reply
  3. So ive hold off the regimen for a couple of days because of the dryness of my skin which was caused by my cleanser I was using. Im needing to get a new cleanser that wont dry out my skin so much and thats quite easy to obtain. Any suggestions? Im also needing a good moisturiser to go with the regimen. Any ideas? Ive looked through the review and only found one decent product so far
  4. From what Ive red heat and ice are the way to deal with it, but Ice is meant to be more effective. Ill have a read Thanks for all the replies as well
  5. Ive looked over and theres a couple of the ingrediants in there, and decided not to use it. Ive just gone over my face gently with a wet flannel and thats seem to off got rid of all the flakes. Would the best way of getting rid of a Nodule to you heat compression? Sorry for all the questions
  6. Yeah im gonna give my skin a few days to recover and then start it again with the Purpose Cleanser and the Joboba Oil.. Im gonna stick to a small amount for a while when I start it up and then increase gradually Should I use that cream above in the picture to get rid of the dryness till I get he Joboba Oil?
  7. Im hoping to pick some Joboba Oil up on saturday.. Im going to be changing it so I do the exfoliation before applying the BP and then leaving it 15 minutes, then moisturise with more Joboba Oil. Im getting a new cleanser which is the Purpose Gentle Cleaning Wash.. Would that be better? Should I hold of the regimen for a couple of days to let the dryness go away? Whats the correct way to get rid of it?
  8. Ok thanks for the support Few more questions and a couple of pictures for thoughts? 20 Min After Applying BP A Replacement For Joboba Oil? These Product Ok? After Moisturiser and What Is The Thing On My Nose?
  9. At the moment Im using about half a fingers length of BP
  10. So now im on my 7th day of the regimen and things are definitly improving, good times. But I have got the redness and flakiness like expected, but it also seems that my skin around my nose and mouth is really dry. Does it matter how many times you apply the moisturiser? At the moment: Sometime between 10 and 12 Clean and clear face wash BP 2.5 moisturise once Night ( before bed ) Clean and clear face wash BP 2.5 Moisturise once before going to sleep Get up shower etc This is my routine
  11. Yeah at the moment Im having to moisturise twice after puttin on the BP.. Im not fussed about it being red though, aslong as it sorts it out. Thanks for the reply
  12. Will the flakingness and the redness dissapear after a week or to then? Thanks for the reply
  13. So I started the regimen 4 or 5 days ago and I have seen my acne improve imensly ovet the short period. At the moment Im getting the usual like itching and burning when after applying the BP and the moisturiser. I have a pictures of what its like after the 5 days of the regimen. http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/193/1002156b.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/5796/1002157.jpg As you can see its starting to get dry and red.. I was just wandering if after another week or two will it stop ge
  14. I feel like I need to pop the bigger ones ready for college during the day.. Ill leave the smaller ones alone
  15. Ive been using this regimen and I can definitly say that it is working well for me. I have a question though. After I use it I intend to get a couple of yellowheads on my face, some small some minor. I was wandering is it best to leave them on before I start the regimen or should I get rid of the yellowheads and then do the regimen? If so whats the best way to remove the yellowheads? Thanks in advance