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  1. ivanna! : ) i'm glad someone with the same problem finally posted on here and wants to do this with me. Unfortunately i've been busy and I haven't been updating..but i've also been picking a lot. So I just need to start over. It's so dumb. I go like a week without picking and my face looks so good and then BAM, I ruin it again. So ivanna, lets both start from day 1 tomorrow together : ) and we can encourage each other. Hopefully we can break this stupid habit!
  2. Could you tell me more about the wild yam? : ) It sounds really good!
  3. I wouldn't consider that picking. : ) Just don't use a ton of pressure cause skin can be very sensitive..maybe not yours, I don't know but yeah : ) There's nothing wrong with rubbing off oil : )
  4. Day 5: Llalalalalalalalalal day five and I still haven't picked. I'm so amazed with myself : ) Just gotta keep going. Today I realized that I feel actually pretty good about my skin when I don't pick..but when I pick, I just feel absolutely terrible. Right now I no longer have any scabs or huge red pimples...in fact I only have some blackheads and whiteheads on my forehead and on my cheeks..and a little around my chin. And also some red marks that aren't pimples but that are just there from pic
  5. Day 4: Ohhh man I was so close to picking tonight...but i stopped myself! Wow, i'm so happy with myself right now cause I was just about to pop this tiny pimple on my nose but then I stopped and thought about my log and I was like okay, I gotta get out of the bathroom as fast as possible, so I just brushed my teeth and left : ) I want to do a good face mask tomorrow. Like the kind that you can make yourself at home from foods and stuff..like yogurt and all kinds of different stuff. I really wa
  6. Day 3: Oooookay, i'm just going to make this very quick since it's two thirty in the morning here and i'm very tired. Today was yet another successful day. I feel so good right now and my skin is healing : ) I need to get more sleep though, because that will also help my skin, and drinking lots of water. So that's what i'm going to try and do. Tomorrow i'll try and remember to drink a bunch of water and i'll try to get to bed at a decent time ; ) Goooodnight.
  7. Sooo i'm back and since I wasn't able to post yesterday about my progress, i'm just going to do it now : ) Day 1: That was yesterday. Since I was out of town and I stayed at a hotel with my parents and my sister, I had no trouble with not picking my face. I didn't really do anything with my face at all. In the morning I just put on a little powder on my face and at night I didn't even wash my face...bad I know lol, but at least I didn't pick at all! : ) Day 2: Today. Another succesful day. Man
  8. A long time ago I made an account here on after I saw someones log about not picking their face. I decided to try it and make my own log, but unfortunately I didn't stick to it for long. I'm here to try it again, because it seems like I have gotten even worse when it comes to picking at my face...maybe it's all the stress, I don't know. The thing is, most of my skin problems would just disappear if I could only keep my hands off of my face! My skin only looks bad when I pick at it, which right n
  9. Twice? Nooooo!! It is hard though! How bad is your skin? I hope the derm will be helpful. Did you find anything on how to even skin tone? Well anyways it's almost the end of day 4 for me, and I haven't picked yet : ) It feels so good. Keep trying not to pick!!
  10. I don't think you should count the ingrown hair cause it was probably for the best to get rid of that and technically you didnt pop the spot! it popped on its own lol. but ouch that ingrown hair sounds painful! But so since you picked at your nails did you take a shot?? lol yeah a system would be good cause right now i don't really do anything regularly..like i have a lot of different products and i kinda just use whatever i feel like that day! so i definately need to just stick to something!
  11. : ) i'm glad to hear your day 1 went good and that your skin is already feeling better! My day 1 went good too. No picking whatsoever. yay. I wasn't even tempted! And where I picked, scabs are starting to come and idk i'd rather have small scabs than red bumps. And usually when I get scabs I know they will go away pretty quick : ) I'm not sure what I should do if I fail though..which will NOT happen. But incase I do lol..I have no idea what I should do. I do have msn but I haven't gotten on in
  12. oh wowww...that is disgusting! right before i watched this i was going to go make myself a sandwich but now i kinda lost my appetite! lol. wow.
  13. I'm glad the mineral veil is working for you! It really is nice to use at the end of your makeup routine. I like it a lot. I've heard that toothpaste could break people out - I always brush my teeth first and then wash my face. Definitely get a new makeup brush if you think it's rough. I think that can irritate the skin. A good brush cleaner is essential also. I use the MAC brush cleaner and it works pretty well. As far as makeup brush brands go I like the MAC brushes - they are very soft
  14. Ahh yes i'm going to start with you! you posted on my log : ) i kinda wanted to make another log cause i totally messed up on the not picking thing and i just needed a fresh start. but instead of making a new log would you mind if i post on here instead of how i'm doing and then we could keep each other going and motivated! : ) today is my day 1 too. i pick at my nails too and i need to stop that habit too but i think for right now i'm just going to concentrate on my face and not picking. and
  15. another good idea! i don't want to put 'no picking' post-it notes though cause i dont want people to be like..uh what is that all about? but i am going to think of another thing to write. maybe like stay beautiful or something. from a taylor swift song lol. but stay beautiful as in..don't pick! good idea i'm going to try it! : ) thank you!