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  1. Week 15 Ok quick update, well the nose bleeds are still there. Seems to be a recurrent thing and its becoming more common now, but usually only when I'm sleeping. I'm not going to be on accutane for about 1-2weeks because I've run out of pills b/c of I was too busy with work in the past 3 weeks that I couldn't got for a blood test to get more pills. So hopefully that won't do much harm to my accutane progress. Nothing much else to report
  2. @nick_04: Thanks for the encouragement! Week 14 The pimple on the side of my forehead is still there! I can't believe it, its been almost 4 weeks and the darn thing still won't bugger off. Anyway, its fading, and I don't have any more pimples besides that big kahuna. Can't really say much, as nothing new popped up this week. I've been really busy considering its the semester rush before the exams at uni atm, so I have tons of assignments...FUN!!! My bad streak from last week hasn't really ende
  3. Week 13 Today I had another nose bleed....arghhhh. I forgot to mention last week I woke up at about 1.30am in the morning with my pillowcase fully drenched in my own blood. Awesome, so I spent the next 2 hours cleaning the damn sheets and inner protective white sheet. So the bleeding thing seems to be a recurrent thing...DAMN. The weird bump thing is disappearing, but the dryness has come back to my nose area, legs, arms and hands. The dryness around the nose is mainly due to the fact that I h
  4. I have that socially awkward thing as well >.> Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WO9I4jFklU It's hilarious (though some of it is a bit err...male orientated lol). But I think everyone is a bit socially awkward; just remember that whatever you're going through, everyone else has or is also likely going through. We're not all the same, but we think almost alike
  5. Week 12 Ok so this week the weird rash thing returned. But this time with a vengeance! The weird tiny red bumps are on the backs of my left and right hand and they extend all the way to my arms. They look pretty noticeable, but as soon as I apply some moisturizer they become less noticeable and red. I think its because of the cold weather because its basically almost the end of spring and the winter cold is already well under way. Also I got my first pretty sizable pimple since I started on a
  6. @Straberryfieldsinperth: I always admired people who did science/math based degrees; that was always my weak spot unfortunately. I liked physics, but that love for science pretty much ended when I got a j*ck*ass who called himself a teacher, he pretty much ignored the class and asked us to do Q's from pg 50 something to pg 60 something and went off to get a cup of coffee. Ah, anyway, I'm so glad I'm out of school. And yeah, I'm really dreading the day when I find out that no acne doesn't necessa
  7. That's an awesome app, just wish I had an iPhone And waking up each day with a positive attitude is what I'm doing too... I want to buy one of those alarm clocks that you can attach your iPod to; so I can wake up to motivating music. Oh... and keep popping those pills.
  8. Week 10 Well nothing has changed since last week. I haven't gotten a nosebleed again since last week. The only persistent side effect is the dry lips. I realize that some people have it worst than me, but dang they are really annoying. I try not to be self conscious about it, but its almost as bad as having acne because its on your mouth and everybody looks at that area. I have pretty much given up trying to counter the dry lips, but I think it's a permanent side effect as long as I am on this
  9. Hey if it helps, your acne is almost non-existent and you acne 'redness' as people are calling it is also non-existent in my opinion. I have no pimples but my darn scars and red marks stick out like a sore thumb. Weird thing is, I know its bad, but I'm not really that self conscious about it even though it's real noticeable. Probably because I'm just happy as hell I no longer have pimples. And the mean friend thing, I totally understand. Not that I am recommending it, but I ditched my negativ
  10. @Strawberryfields: Yep I'm so glad I didnt get an IB and on the possible relationship with the chick front, I'm so-so. The thing is I get along with her, but the problem is we usually get into discussion groups and so its hard to have a personal conversation without being distracted by others. Oh, and I'm in my last year of an Arts degree majoring in history and political science. I'm probably going to do some post-grad study to become a teacher. But who knows what I'll end up as at this stage l
  11. Hah! No wonder I couldn't find your blog, you changed the title lol. Anyway it's funny you mentioned Milford Sound because I've never been there; in fact, I've never been to the South Island yet But I heard Milford Sound was beautiful, but here's a national hint, there's a place called Kumeau (this is probably not it; sorry I forgot haha, but you could as a local if you go down there) or something which is like Milford Sound but 100% better because its not as tourisy as Milford and only a sho
  12. Hey, I think my acne was slightly worse than yours. And I think you may not get an IB because you were on minomcycline before. I was on minomcycline for about 3-4 months prior to going on 'tane and I think that got rid of the acne under the skin so that when I went on 'tane I didnt get an initial breakout. Well so far anyway, fingers crossed Good luck on your course neighbor!!!
  13. Week 9 This week I've just been getting more nosebleeds. Other than that my lips are still dry and the skin on my legs and hands are also becoming slightly dry. Nothing else really, I think I'm not going to get an initial break out anymore on the count of being more than 2 months into the 'tane already. So I guess I'm really lucky. I don't even have a single pimple on my face, though the blackheads are still there. I've been using nose-strips and boy-o-boy are there a ton of em. Hopefully the '
  14. Week 8 Hi guys! Well it's week 8 and yesterday I got my first nosebleed. It seemed pretty bad, the blood just kept coming out. It was probably not as bad as I thought because that was the first nosebleed I've gotten in years. Besides that, the other thing I noticed was that its so easy to get injured on 'tane. I went rock climbing on Wednesday and I got scabbed knees, arms and hands. But my friends didn't have a scratch on them! Well it's probably a good thing that I have all these symptoms b/
  15. Hi Gleinz, Glad you are restarting your accutane treatment. Like you, nothing really worked for me, or I felt too down to actually give anything else a long trial. I just bought something and if it didn't work in a short time I just felt crap and stopped using it altogether and gave up. That's basically the story of my life lol I have no patience, and the acne problem certainly doesn't help. It's cool you are from Korea, I'm thinking of going to Korea next year to teach English and hopefull