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  1. Jessica Simpson was on Oprah just recently talking about different beauty rituals around the world. One of them was cow urine therapy. But you weren't supposed to put it on your face. You were supposed to drink it. Seriuosly.
  2. I'm all about positive thinking but I really don't think that anything I'm thinking is attracting my acne! I think the "meditate, breath, say your mantras" advice is cool but would be better focused on accepting your complexion whatever it is, being grateful your acne isn't worse, and try to love the skin you're in. I have acne. I love myself anyway. Doesn't mean I don't want to make it better.
  3. Don't panic just yet! I would give it a couple of weeks. I was left with a very red area for about a month and obsessively touched and looked at it. Then one day I couldn't even see it any more. Hope you have the same experience.
  4. I use the Laura Mercer primer. You can get it at Sephora. It really has helped reduce the oil and keep my moneral make up in place all day. I also like it on my eyelids so my eyeliner stays where I intended Good luck.
  5. Please go find the thread about Accutane possibly being taken of the market in June. I went to drugwatch.com and looked up the side effects. Yikes. They include: mild: •headache •dry mouth and genitals •hair loss (doesn't sound mild to me) to severe: •liver damage •suicidal thoughts •BIRTH DEFECTS Infact it is not recommended that anyone suffering from depression take the drug at all. I also had no idea about that. Obviously you are taking the drug under the care of a physicia
  6. we are all so much more than our skin. I know that we live in a culture that puts pressure on us to look "beautiful" on the outside. Who's to say you need flawless skin to be beautiful? I know plenty of people with great skin who are just plain ugly on the inside. Let's remember what Dr. Seuss said: "You should be who you are and say what you think. Because those who matter DON'T MIND, and those who mind DON'T MATTER."
  7. According to drugwatch.com the side effects can be mild: headachedry mouth and genitalshair loss (doesn't sound mild to me)to severe: liver damagesuicidal thoughtsBIRTH DEFECTSInfact it is not recommended that anyone suffering from depression take the drug at all. I also had no idea. Please do your due diligence before considering this drug.