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  1. Hi Anne ! Is Dr. Dj Verret from Dallas ? if so I got dermabration on 4 chicken pox scars n 1 exision done by him last summer ...the scars he dermabrated still a little bit red but he told me after 12 to 18 months will see the final results n I'm happy with the exision i'm applying cicatriure gel on it n it looks good ...Good luck n have a good day.
  2. Has anyone here tried the MFIII of Switzerland cell theraphy ?...Thank you .
  3. Hi! For those who live in the US I think the Re-cell treatment has been approved for the FDA http://woundcaremanagement.medicaldevices-...eatment_100610/ There is another doctor who does steam cell Doctor Vincent Giampapa in NJ ...Hope it helps u ..
  4. Hola!! Si Ernesto donde estas ? Queremos escuchar noticias tuyas !!!
  5. Why don't u go to see a facial plastic surgeron who does exscicion and see what he/she says.
  6. rouge_7080


    Has anyone had an excision with a plastic surgeron in houton or dallas tx ? I have 2 deep scars from chicken pox and I think subsicion and laser won't work on them and i don't want to waste money and time to fix them..thank you.
  7. Hello ! what kind of fraxel did u have ?
  8. I went to the doc today ...so i'm gonna get done subsicion ( $ 200 ) laser restore on the chicken pox scars only ( $ 400 ) .... before treatment taking vitamin C with rose hip and bromelain pineapple enzyme drinking aloe vera drinks after treatment I'm planning to use natural products for scaring ( products with rose hip and snail serum ) Anything u can recommend me will be welcome !!
  9. anyone who can recommend a doctor that does subsicion treatment in houton texas us..thanks
  10. Hello Ernesto i hope everything is ok with your treatment..

    Can you explain me the difference between the re-cell and the stem cell treatments ?