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  1. welcome ryan! =D

  2. That's a load of BS. If you are meant to go bald, you will go bald regardless. If you have nothing to say in relation to the post then don't fucking say anything at all idiot. Back to topic. I felt the same way you did man. I was totally a perfectionist just like you are and one pimple would keep me in for the weekend. I would shelter myself in my room for days without doing anything except trying to make my face look better. You just have to know your face is going to be clear soon and y
  3. hey KRESHEH, thanks for the reply. its definitely tough and I have my daily struggles, but I never have really had a thought of suicide. I'd encourage you to possibly talk to someone about this. at the very least, i journal sometimes and this helps to put things into perspective. keep your head up
  4. thanks enaid, it is good to have an adult perspective on the issue. I can certainly understand the birth defect issues ... I am sure that if you have had children that they bring you more happiness than clear skin (although frustrating not to have) ever could. Ive gone back and forth on just controlling it with topicals thinking i should outgrow it, but after reading several posts from those in their 30's/40's as yourself i realized that this could very well be me looking back and to fight i
  5. thanks BrazilianJJ, i know exactly what you are saying. i have worked really hard my entire life and have become relatively successful for being the mere age of 23 and know that I really am fortunate. i just get so stuck/centered in my head on acne and it severely affects my confidence level and in my job .... confidence = clients = $$$ in the bank so it has been killing my work performance. im doing the best i can to get over it. i think one challenge has definitely been how gorgeous my
  6. thanks HereComesTheSun. I wish I would have went after my acne when I was your age!! it may seem rough now ... but having recently graduated college, looking back high school was [email protected]#$% anyway so I bet you'll easily be clear by the time you hit college. yes, I am hoping that this is just the IB and that it doesnt last long. in the meantime, i applied the aczone to the actives last night and it seems to be helping. good luck with your course as well!
  7. thanks ARC1992, I know that you, myself, and countless others are going through the same battle on a daily basis. it is almost alarming how much my mood corresponds with whatever condition that my skin happens to be in that day. I definitely try to stay optimistic ... but I think its other areas of my life that drag as well. Around 5 months ago my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up with me, my parents announced they were divorcing, and I entered a high pressure career in banking/finance all
  8. Thanks Jay Q, sorry to hear that you did not get an Rx for accutane ... but I really believe things do happen for a reason. even if your acne is not entirely severe, chronic persistent acne warrants accutane as a possible treatment so you may want to seek the second opinion of another derm. i'm taking it day by day, its been humbling for someone who used to absolutely brim with confidence which I am working to slowly rebuild. I am working on getting a log/blog started ... just have a demanding
  9. thanks az 0889, I know for a fact that in the end it will be worth it but that 5th month seems so far away right now!!! it is great to have these boards to have people who know what I am talking about ... I try to explain it to my family and they just say things like "haven't you tried proactive" or "it isn't that bad". but all of them walk around without blemishes! i know that this day will come for me too
  10. Here I am on what will be Day 9 within a 5 month treatment of Accutane and I am already at my wit's end. things had been going fairly well into the first week ... but yesterday I hit a wall. After encouraging signs and no new acne forming I woke up with 3 new actives, one being a pretty inflamed cyst on my cheek. I got in an emergency visit with the derm in hopes of a shot of hydrocortisone, etc. to take down the swelling. because of fear on the healing time of my skin since I am on accutane he
  11. thanks flatron and realtalk, yeah looks like we're all starting out of the gate together here. I'm going to keep a weekly log .... just praying i dont get the dreaded IBO the first couple of weeks. cannot wait to be acne free!
  12. I have long been a viewer of these boards and have finally made the effort to join and contribute. I'm 23 yr old and have suffered from cystic acne since I was around 14 yrs old. I am fortunate in that it is not all that severe, but after a breakout of 4 cysts last month that have left me with scars to work on ... I finally decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I went to my dermatologist this week with a whole list of reasons why to advocate going on Accutane having tried everything over the years (tetracy