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  1. I paid $8.00 for the same medication at walgreens. I don't remember the retail price being so high.
  2. o my god your in the same situation as i am...been on the regimen for a month now..at the beggining i cleared up but than...last week i started breakingout ..with cyst i never fucking get them..wtf i am also frustrated,, but we got to give this regimen at least 3 months ...if i dont see improvement of at least 50 percent by the third month im going to quit ...but than im on month ..one ..give three months...keep me updated to see how your doing I was in the same situation. I started the r
  3. Hey guys! quick question that I know somebody will know the answer to. Can a regular internal medicine Doctor prescribe accutane or is that a rx only a dermatologist can prescribe? My regular md is awesome and in the past he's very easily prescribed meds that I asked for. Thanks!
  4. Well I'm new here and I started the regimen 25 days ago. I have battled acne since I was 12 and now I'm 2 days shy of 29! Most days I feel like I should just embrace the acne and accept that it's just apart of me. I hate it! I hate waking up in the morning with hope that maybe, just maybe I won't have any new blemishes. Needless to say, my blemishes never fail me. I follow the regimen exactly as I should. I did notice some clearing in the beginning, but I'm still popping out some fresh ones