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  1. Silicone sheeting causes the collagen in the scar to be laid down in orderly bundles rather than the misshapen masses that usually occur in scar tissue (which is what causes it to be raised in the first place). That's what my derm said, at least.
  2. Basically, the only way to scar yourself more is if you pick at peeling skin that isn't ready to come off. DON'T DO THAT! Otherwise, it's pretty safe.
  3. No redness from a 40%? Wow. I was definitely a bit pink for a couple of weeks after my 25%...
  4. If it's very minor, you might want to look into peels of some sort. I've had success with a 25% TCA peel bringing some of my superficial scarring closer to the surface; I suspect a couple more peels will eliminate it entirely.
  5. I too have had nothing but positive experiences with Richard-- hence why I'm always happy to recommend the site to others.
  6. I would honestly think twice about having a dermabrasion if all you have are very shallow scars. Once you get a dermabrasion done, your skin's ability to heal is forever compromised and will likely not respond to other treatments the way it would have pre-dermabrasion. There are lots of other less-invasive methods that can be used to improve shallow scars.
  7. Anybody tried 25% on their shoulders or back? I'm thinking of trying it in an attempt to improve the appearance of some of the scars on my back...
  8. I'd be hesitant to do an Obagi peel... I've heard from more people who have had bad experiences with that than I have TCA or any of the other AHA peels. I'd stick with plain TCA myself.
  9. Peels will help with very shallow scars. I did a single 25% TCA and it's really brought my shallow scarred pores a lot closer to the surface-- I'm hoping one more peel will eliminate most of them completely.
  10. The issue I have with Neosporin or anything like that is the sheer GREASINESS of it that causes me to break out even more. I've found that Spenco Second Skin works just as well, isn't greasy and doesn't cause me to break out.