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  1. =P~ =P~ =P~ @ jen's pies MT: if you wanna know about the weird pie thing...go here 8-[
  2. i used to feel that way. i would go in the fitting room, look at how horrible my face looked and then be in a state of paranoia all day thinking that everyone was staring at me. then one day i realized that no one cares. they are too wrapped up in their own lives and thinking about their own flaws that they don't even notice mine. so don't worry, just keep shopping
  3. turn that frown upside down kiddo...you are better off than most. i'm sure you'll find something that'll work for you
  4. i notice more people with acne in college than in high school. so don't feel intimidated or scared, believe me, everyone is so absorbed in their own problems that they won't even notice yours. just do the best you can to clear up
  5. i say just take dan's advice and don't experiment. sounds like you panicked at the initial breakout but it's just something you just have to work through. just stick to the regimen for a few weeks and see what kind of results you get. good luck