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  1. i mean like so now im 100 % clear but the marks left behind the ice pick scars & dark marks are TERRRIBLE -_______- i feel like its done w. one problem and on to 1291378921749234 more when will alll this beeee overrr i shouldnt complain thou cause at least im over the acne part & makeup pretty much covers most of it now on to scars & hyperpigmentation issues im using retenoids for that & idk if that even what i should be using for scars any advicee?
  2. my mom is the same exact way . i feel for you . when i got acne shes like see this is what god gave you b.c he knows if you have clear skin you'd be having too many boyfriends -_____- then shes like see god always knows what he does
  3. So i've been trying this new product called AcneFree [severe edition] -____- ANYWAY its like reallyreallyreaaly goood it kinda is supposed to be used like proactiv only thing is tht the regimen for the day and night changes in the night they have a retinol int he morning its only 10 % bp i recommend this product . i mean its worked for me a lot . almost 100% clear byeee everyone & goodluck on your acne journey
  4. >.< nooooo. lol xP

  5. after you do the regimen can you put makeup on ?
  6. hey :) im good & its going great so ecited to be going into college next yr .

  7. hey how r u congratz on bein a senior

  8. haha sureee whatever you sayyyy . ; P

  9. I'm good. You know I keeps it so fresh.

  10. lol if you stop by , you must say hii : ) its a rule , i dont bite

  11. lol YESH . we should be friendssssslalalalalalala. & i know exactly what you mean . if i i didnt have acne i would prob think this is the lamest thing on earth but i do & ppl on here dont say ewwww when i say pimple , zit , or pus hahahaha : ) so how are you mr.weezy

  12. That is so cool! Let's be facebook friends! I mean... ac..ne.org...friends?..... You know something about this seems pathetic...

  13. lmao . my mommys dominican & my daddys ecuadorian so im mlike completely hispanic . : ) does tht answer ur questionn