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  1. Oh, so i really wish you look with the choice of your treatment and to save enough money Are the prices in the usa similar to ours? I dont know if subcision will be cost more or less than the totalfx, how is this point at you? our german derms always advise a recovery time after accutane of 6 months, does yours advise other time specification? i heard that americans get a higher dose of accutane up to 80mg/day. in germany we often get "only" 10 to 20 mg/day, because the risks are too high in t
  2. thank you very much for your apply:) Subcision was already a treatment i would choice. The problem is, that germany isn't as fast with all this latest treatments as the USA. I have read of only one derm, who offers subcision in germany -.- But you're right, i've already read alot good reviews about subcision at english websites and communities......It's a shame that i can't compares notes about "modern" acne scar treatments in our german communities, because there arn't many:( We always have to
  3. The pictures : 1: after the surgery 2. second day 3: 4. day 4: 8. day 5: now AFTER the surgery
  4. Hey guys, im a 22-year-old girl from germany.( So please excuse my bad english) After beeing on accutane for 7 months( february till september 2010) i've waited 6 month before doing something against my acne scars. Im not having really bad acne scars. "Only" some ice-picks( 5 at each side of my cheecks), and 3 rolling scars and a really ugly boxscar on my right temple. At the beginning of the month march i went to a derm, who offered some plastic surgery treatments. After reading so many bad ex
  5. @ dudy i found a picture, which could nearly represent my scars Dou you have some before and after picture of your fraxel-treatment-process? Thank you very much for sharing your know-how with us, you're doing a very good job:)
  6. oh dudly, this poor lady....Is this a normal side effect of the fraxel repair or is it just a n exceptional case? Its such a shame. She want to improve her skin and after all this pains and costs of the treatment its getting worser than before.... I really dont know which sort of acne scars i really have. I suppose it could be icepiks, but i dont know 100%. I want to upload some photos of my skin, but i think im too stupid for that. Everytime i went to the buttom" my albums" and than "add albums
  7. hey guys thank you very much for your lovely replies. @Abara: I've already finished taking accutane since about 2 months. So i'm going to wait 4 more months before having a scar-treatment. At the moment i want to get informations from different platforms an dermatologists about different ways of treatment, but i will only start next year at february or march. Have you been on accutane,too? In Germany we normally have treatments with a very low-dose....Its mostly always between 10 and 30mg. But
  8. I apologize for my english isnt very well. Im a 22-year-old german girl and i have been on accutane for about 7 months. It was horrible for me. I have had many side effects like nose blooding, very vers try skin, headache, kind of depression and i my hairs are lightened. But now im done about almost 2 months*jipiihh* During the accutane treatment i've got some scars,not heavy, but i had them. My dermatologist told me to go on having some peelings,but i really dont think, that peeling can do anyt
  9. sad skin


    Hey everyone. Im a 22-year-old-girl from germany. My english isnt the best,sorry;) I have acne since i am 14. It's horrible to see all this young girls with clear skin and i am looking horrible with this big pimples:( I chose everything. BPO, Duac, Isotrexin-cream(hope you share this names in your language)....but nothing brought the results i wished it would:( So 4 months ago, i decided to take accutane.Its just a horrible time for me. The big pimples are gone, but i still have red marks, whi
  10. sad skin

    2 weeks:(

    Hey everyone i'm a 21-year-old girl from Germany. I have acne since 8 years now. Everything the doctor gave to me wasn't very successfull. So i really hope to get a clearer skin whit BPO:( Actually i study "teaching degree for secondary schools" and we have to do a lot of internships at school. But i don't feel very self-confident with this stupid acne. So i actually often have to cancel this internships..... I am really hurting of acne and sometimes i even dont go out with friends become i fee